Best ai tools to make your life easier and more fun Best ai tools to make your life easier and more fun

Love them or hate them, AI tools are slowly becoming part of our life. Your work could be easier and life can be fun when you know which tools to use when.

For better suggestions, in this post, we are listing out the trending AI tools to add to your routine. 

Whether you want to make your work simpler or have some fun experimenting with such AI tools, these are what are the best options.

1. TimeHero

Known as the first ‘time and task’ management tool to apply AI, TimeHero is the best option to manage your routine. If you’re looking for a perfect tool to stay organized, TImeHero helps. This tool works like your personal assistant and helps you get things done on time. 

2. CF Spark Art

Art and design might be captivating, yet they are tricky. If you are looking for a fun and easy-to-use image generator, CF Spart Art from Creative Fabrica is your go-to tool.

This isn’t just an AI image generator online, but a tool made by creatives for creatives helping them to produce high-quality images in minutes that they can use for their craft projects. The interesting part is that you can experiment and test your prompts until you get the desired result.

Additionally, you can browse a full gallery of creations that are certainly of inspiration for future creation thanks to its unique feature that allows you to check prompts used by others creators to get that result.

It features Spart Writer (to create copies), Spart Patterns (for creating customize patterns), Prompt Builder (to select styling and detailing), and so on. From home crafts to professional design projects you will have a toolkit that makes your perfect companion for most Art and design stuff with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Creativity has no limits, so CF Spark.

3. Deep-nostalgia

With the power of deep learning, this amazing AI tool lets you animate your pictures. Especially when you want to make your old pictures feel lively, Deep-nostalgia worth a try. What this tool does is animate the faces in your old pictures and create quality short clips. 

4. QuillBot

How about checking the tool that could help your writing be more professional or casual, the way you want? That’s right, this tool won’t create text for you, but can help you to improve your writing with AI. When you want to create simple email or blog posts, this AI paraphrasing tool can help you write sounds compelling. 

5. Chat-GPT

Created by OpenAI and supported by the GPT-3 model, ChatGPT is a trending topic right now. This tool chats with you like a human and follows your direction. If you want to get something done or to seek some information, this one is a handy tool. 

6. NewsWhip

Being a publisher in digital media having track of the latest news and topics are challenging task. Thanks to NewsWhip, you can have easy access to trending topics and stories around the world. And if you’re an influencer, this AI technology can help you create content for your social media channel based on ongoing trends. 

7. CF Spark Writer

Facing writer’s block while writing a birthday message for your best friend or any website content? No need to copy from elsewhere, when you just can write it by yourself. CF Spark writer makes it possible to help you create greeting card wishes from ad copies for your marketing campaign and so on. It’s not like a random text generator, this advanced tool uses AI to create any type of text-based online content.  

8. Podcastle

Along with text and visual content, audio content such as Podcasts can also help your brand in many ways. If you want to have your podcast, but have no idea where to start Podcastle is the way to have your first podcast. This is an all-in-one tool to transform your written content into a high-quality podcast in no time. 

9. Zia

Collecting and analyzing all the business data and making decisions always take time. while this AI tool, Zia works as your personal assistant and can help you with a bunch of business activities. From working on customer data to providing insights, this tool offers a smart solution. 

10. Resume.io

Your resume can make or break your chance to get your dream job. if you want to make your resume professional or to get it done in a short time, Resume.io will create it for you. approved by the experts, this tool can create your next resume following its premade templates. 

11. Copy.ai

Creating online content – the process involves more than just writing. As a marketer or copywriter, if you expect a tool that can help you in creating sales copies, creating emails, product descriptions, and online ads, Copy.ai is the best AI tool. All you need to do is simply give the instructions regarding your content type or tone, this tool will provide copy following that. 

12. Talk to Books

Not everything is online, some answers are better found in books. But who has all the time to pick the book? But, that’s now possible with this powerful AI tool. Talk to books can answer to your question after scanning around 100k books. Further, the answers are in an easy-to-understand form, which is a plus point of this tool.

13. Frase

Frase is a kind tool that makes your research process easier. When you write for a website, researching is the most important part. Based on your keyword, this AI tool analysis the already ranked content on search results. Following that, it suggests edits for your existing content and helps you write content that ranks higher. 

14. AIVA

Looking for a sound tool that provides you with background music for your videos and visual content? Aviva is a popular tool that produces music following your criteria. Whether it’s for a social media video, promotional, or games, using this tool you can create original and quality music with minimal effort. 

15. This Person Does Not Exist

Want to meet someone who doesn’t even exist? That’s right, ‘This person does not exist’ is a face generator tool, which creates human faces using Artificial intelligence. Even just for fun, you could try this tool or create a secret identity that doesn’t exist in real life. 

16. FakeYou

This is another fun AI tool that works as a voice-over tool. But, this isn’t an AI voice generator, instead, it applies the famous personalities’ voices to what you want them to speak. With this ton of popular voices, FakeYou is a fun tool to play around with. 

17. Quick, draw!

In search of a fun tool? Try this. Quick, the draw is an AI tool from google that guesses what you’re going to draw. This tool is part of the google drawing experiment, but it’s a timeless tool to have some fun playing guessing games with AI.

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Final thoughts

So that’s it for today’s list and this isn’t the end list. There’s always something more. Here we have shared all the trending plus the best AI tools for you. 

Following your work needs such AI tools help you get things done with less effort and with no time. Along with that, also have fun with some experimental AI tools which might not be so great but one try is all worth it.

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