What is the best time to post on youtube What is the best time to post on youtube

If you’re a video content creator, you already know how hard it is to create just one video to post on YouTube. And all such efforts of researching, creating, and editing behind that video, you don’t want to go to waste anyway. 

In the process to create and post more and more content, it’s common to overlook the most important aspects. And, posting the video at the right time is also one key factor.

Indeed, not exactly like other social media, but there’s the right time to post on YouTube which can help you reach more people and improve your watch time. 

to give you better insights, we’ve divided the time into two sections: first, during the weekdays, and second, on weekends. 

Best time to post YouTube videos on weekdays

Best time to post youtube videos on weekdays

If you’re the one who has a fixed schedule like posting a video on Monday or Friday on any day in between, here are the best time to post a video on YouTube. 

When you’ve been posting without a fixed time, but day-wise, this is your chance to also test how your channel performs after the following set hour. 

Monday – Mostly the worst day to post on youtube


As per the report, Monday is the worst day to post on YouTube. But, if as per that schedule you usually post on Monday, this is the best time you can consider posting next time.

Best time for Monday: 12 PM-2 PM, 6 PM-9 PM.

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Tuesday can be even better


If you usually share your video on YouTube on Tuesday and want to know which time is the best to post on YouTube on Tuesday, here’s the one. 

Best time for Tuesday: 1 PM- 3 PM, 6 PM-9 PM.

The right time to post on Wednesday

The right time to post on wednesday yt

On the third day of the week, here’s the best time to post your video on YouTube. You can update your posts time to this when you usually post on Wednesday. 

Best time for Wednesday: 2 PM- 4 PM, 6 PM-9 PM

Thursday – The most important day of the week to post


Many YouTube channels usually share their videos on Thursday, hoping to get more views on the weekends. And, there’s still the perfect time. 

Best time for Thursday: 11 PM-2 PM, 6 PM-9 PM

Friday – Have your video ready in advance to gain benefits


Especially for the entertainment YouTube channel, usually post more on Friday than on weekend. But, it’s ideal to share at the right time to get more audience. 

Best time for Friday: 12 PM-2 PM, 4 PM-6 PM, 8 PM-9 PM

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Best time to post YouTube videos on weekends 

Best time to post youtube videos on weekends 

The weekends are the best time to share your videos on YouTube. Because there are chances that more people are on YouTube during their free and relaxing time. 

So if to make the most out of your videos, by reaching more audience, consider the right time to post on YouTube. 

Saturday – The most favorite day to post youtube videos

Time to post on yt on saturday

It’s ideally known that Saturday is the best time to share youtube videos. But you want to make sure that you share videos when the audience is actually on this platform.

Best time for Saturday: 9 AM-11 PM, 6 PM-8 PM

Sunday – An chance to reach binge-watchers on youtube


Most vloggers avoid posting on Sunday because it’s the worst day to post on any social media. But, not for YouTube. Better know the right time when you can share your videos on Sunday if that works for you. 

Best time for Sunday: 10 AM-12 PM, 5 PM-7 PM

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Well, you are now aware of the best time to post on youtube. But that’s enough. 

Of course, now. The right time to post is just one factor. The idea here is to share your video at the time when your audience is supported to be on the platform. 

You certainly don’t want your video notification to go unnoticed. 

Along with knowing the best time, you also need to consider more factors. Such as: who is your target audience, where is your audience from, what is your channel niche, and so on.

On top of that, if you want your specific best time to post a video on your YouTube channel, go to your channel analytics. 

If you’ve enough content on your channel and you’ve been posting at a set frequency, the analytics data has personalized data that works for your channel. 

Check “When your viewers are on YouTube” reports from the analytics. 

The best time to post on YouTube, does change as per the type of audience, their location, and your niche. And the available report data about your channel can help you in many ways. 

Go through your available data, and analyze them often to know how to grow your channel, over time. 

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