Perform regression testing in oracle cloud infrastructure Perform regression testing in oracle cloud infrastructure

Oracle Cloud infrastructure is a powerful cloud platform well-known for its variety of features and services it offers to meet the needs and demands of customers. There are frequent updates delivered by Oracle, like updated functionality. For the proper delivery and maintenance of frequent updates and modifications in Oracle, automated regression testing becomes crucial. The regression testing help ensures that the changes made to OCI do not impact the existing functionalities and workflow.

Overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a cloud-based platform that offers various types of cloud services, like software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS). OCI is meant to provide a secure, high-performance, and reliable cloud environment to run the enterprise workload.
  • OCI also provides the services, such as storage, networking, analytics, and database. These services are provided with the help of a global network of data centers that are placed at various locations across the world.
  • Moreover, the OCI provides various tools that help manage and monitor cloud resources. For instance, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI enables the developers to manage the resources with the help of CLI (Command Line Interface).

Benefits of Automated Regression Testing

Frequent Updates

OCI is updated with frequent updates. Sometimes, these updates break the current functionality or can lead to unintended disturbances. However, automated regression testing helps ensure these updates’ correct delivery and maintenance.


OCI is designed in such a manner that it can maintain heavy and complex workloads without any degradation in performance. That is why OCI is considered to be highly scalable. The automated regression testing enables the teams so that they can check the changes introduced in the OCI do not impact the scalability.

Fulfillment of Compliance

Oracle is a large tech giant used by a variety of businesses that encompass strict and robust regulation and compliance requirements. The use of automated regression testing aids in remaining in compliance with these requirements.

High Availability

OCI is built for high availability. It should be up and running 24×7. The use of automation regression testing helps know the availability and reliability criteria.


Automated regression testing helps identify and fix the defects in the early phase of the development cycle and thus helps save the time and money of business. Moreover, the software can be released on time and within the budget.

Happy and Satisfied Customer Base

Customers expect software that can fulfill their requirements properly. The use of automation in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps meet customer needs and demands and help build a loyal customer base.

Best Practices to Follow While Automated Regression Testing in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Select the Right Tool

Go for the tool as per the needs of your organization and ensure the tool selected integrates well with the API of Oracle Cloud infrastructure. Also, check whether it is unable to handle the complexity of the system.

Build a Strategic Test Suite

Build the test suite that covers all the critical scenarios and use cases. Prioritization of test suites based on criticality and their impact on the overall system.

User Version Control

It refers to the software tools category that helps record changes made to files by keeping a record of modifications performed in the code.

Use virtualization technique

The use of virtual tools, like Oracle VirtualBox and Docker, help create the virtual environment. Aside from this, virtualization is a technique of creating the virtual environment of something like computer hardware. This help ensures that tests are performed in an isolated and safe environment.

Incorporate the CI/CD Tools

CI/CD tools enable the developers to maintain the efficiency and standard quality of the software.

Monitor the Results of the Test

Analyze the test results regularly and monitor them so that trends and patterns can be identified. Doing this will help to improve the test suite and optimization areas continuously.

Why Choose Opkey for Optimal Oracle Cloud Automated Regression Testing?

  • Opkey is the industry leader in leveraging automated regression testing for Oracle Cloud infrastructure. It supports no-code test automation, AI technology, and self-healing capabilities.
  • It comprises the zero-code test builder maintained platform that enables the employees to create automated test cases.
  • Whenever the integrated packaged apps, middleware, and third-party applications are at risk, it alerts the whole team and supports end-to-end testing.
  • If any changes are made in the properties of the object, it alerts the authorized user and enables them to fix the broken tests.

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