Things you need for a wedding Things you need for a wedding

After the marriage proposal comes the wedding planning, and it revolves around you, the bride. And to ensure that you’re prepared for a seamless wedding planning, you need a bridal checklist. This wedding checklist will be created to match how much time you have left before the wedding. It could be a 12 to 24-month wedding planning timeline or beyond.

Creating a wedding planning checklist will help you work efficiently and within the wedding timeline. And there’s no time early enough to do that. But before you prepare your wedding to-do list, check this post. We’ve put together the most important tasks that make up the ultimate wedding checklist.

Get bridal boxes

Bride boxes are the current trends for millennial brides transiting from miss to Mrs. They’re gifts that every bride can gift themselves, and you deserve it. A bride box is a service that doubles as a fun buddy and planner for brides. There are so many bridal box subscriptions out there including the Miss to Mrs. Bridal box.

The Miss to Mrs. Wedding subscription box offers 9 themes that cover from the engagement to honeymoon. It also presents four subscription plans to fit how much time you have left before the wedding. For instance, the monthly plan offers you one box per month. The accelerated plan offers you two boxes per month if you’re running out of time and other plans. In these boxes, you’ll find beauty essentials, wedding planners, vow books, and other wedding essentials. All these items worth over $100 for a token is the best investment ever!

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Get fit and glowed up

This task should not be missing from your wedding planning checklist. The bride is the center of attention on her big day. So as a bride, you must ensure that you’re looking as glowed up and fit as possible. Start by getting a gym membership or setting up a home gym. The goal is to maintain an ideal weight and look toned. Invest in a healthy diet and good skincare. Hydrate, take care of your skin, and maintain a healthy glow from inside out. This will leave you feeling rejuvenated and excited.

Create a budget

For everything that demands financial contributions, there must be a budget. So it is mandatory that you have one for your wedding. Decide on the kind of wedding you want to have and who’s sponsoring it. If you’ll be sponsoring it yourself, decide on how much you and your partner can raise. Receive contributions if anyone is willing, and set your budget around that. Create a spreadsheet, list out everything you need for a wedding, and allot costs. Make the list as flexible as possible and leave room for emergencies. Stick to your budget and your planning will be easier.

Assemble your vendors

You need vendors for almost every aspect of your wedding. From makeup to the hair, food, venue, officiant, cake, decor, and more, you need them. Some vendors you can use twice. For instance, you can use the same hair and makeup vendor when you do your professional engagement photographer in Houston. Most engagement photographers do weddings too. Sometimes they offer engagement photos in their wedding package.

Contact those within your budget and interview them. Ensure that their goals align with yours and they have your back. Discuss cancelation policies and everything else. Read all documents thoroughly, and if they fit, hire them.

Build a wedding website

While preparing for your wedding, attending to guests’ inquiries will not be possible. This is why you need a wedding website.  Look out for wedding website builders like Wix, Squarespace, Minted, Zola, and more. Some of them are free and others, you’ll pay a token. On your website, you will upload all your wedding information including date, venue, and itinerary. Some of these wedding builders even allow you to upload pictures and link your registry.

Sort out your guest list

The kind of people you have at your wedding determines the mood and energy of the ambiance. Again, they determine the venue size, catering, favors, and all. So sorting out the guest list is a very important task on your wedding checklist. Begin from the most important persons in your lives to the least. Take your parents’ suggestions into consideration, especially if they’re the wedding sponsors. But in the end, narrow it down to only the guests that everyone agrees on.

Pick out wedding attire for you and the wedding party

You and the girls deserve to make jaws drop at your wedding. So, you need ample time to hunt down your dream dress and that of the girls. You must also have them fitted at least twice before the wedding. This gives you time to create your color palette, theme, and finalize the look. Doing this task on time helps you pick the best accessories to complement your wedding dresses. 

Set up a wedding registry

Set up a wedding registry so that guests will know the gifts to get. Depending on your choices, you can opt for household items or funds towards your project. You can also choose experiences that your guests will fund. Create a registry to this effect and upload it on your wedding website. Guests will log into the website and get all the information necessary.

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Hire a wedding planner

Putting your wedding essentials together can be an overwhelming duty. Executing these tasks can also stress you out. Wedding planning isn’t easy and you need all the help you can get. However, if you can’t deal, hire a wedding planner within your budget range. The planner will take the burden of wedding planning off you. All you need to do is show up and have a blast.

Putting a bridal checklist together is as essential as the wedding itself. This is because a wedding checklist puts your plans in perspective. We’ve put together a guide to help you, so get inspired and create your own list.

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