Trending topics for youtube shorts Trending topics for youtube shorts

If you’ve run out of ideas or thinking to start creating YouTube shorts but are not sure where to get started this post might help. Here we’re suggesting top trending YouTube shorts topics ideas that you can create videos upon. 

And, it even not matters if this is for your brand as Youtuber or as a company, these best shorts video topics won’t let you run out of ideas again. 

Well, if you think of creating long-form YouTube videos we’ve separate articles for best video ideas and Youtube channel ideas to check out as well. 

In this post, we keep our focus to list trending topics for YouTube shorts only. 

1. One-Min Informational Videos

People might go on a YouTube short scroll ride for seeking entertainment. But if you have something helpful to offer, it could be a short educational short video. There’s no limit to what kinds of video to create in this category, simply share what niche or subject you’re good at. It’s all about sharing your knowledge. 

2. Tips and Tricks – Trending Plus Helpful Ideas for YT Shorts

Such tech tips and tricks you shared in the minute-short video could help someone to be more productive. Do you found new laptop tips in laptop or have some quick advice related to your subject area, create a short form video to share on YouTube. 

Don’t forget using these trending hashtags on Youtube to make the most out of your videos.

3. Facts And Myth Busters

There’s no need to cover entire posts covering hundreds of facts and myths. You could make a small video that covers the ‘Top five facts’ on the subject of your interest. Even as a small business, you can create short videos to share your product or service specialties 

4. Make Your Longer Content Into Shorts Videos.

Not everyone enjoys watching and referring the long videos and bigger content. Some are just looking for a youtube short video covering specific topics. If you have visual or textual longer content, you can synchronize them and post them as YouTube shorts for a quick summary.

5. Inspire Others With Short Motivational Videos On Youtube.

Sharing positive quotes and inspiring content is the most trending on any platform say Instagram or youtube. If you can inspire others and have something positive to share, you should try creating more youtube shorts in less than one minute or 30-seconds video.

6. Share What’s Trending in Your Industry or News.

Being the expert in your industry, you’ve track of all the latest news. If your youtube channel is all about the dynamic industry when things change so quickly, you have a lot to share. It could be anything from daily news updates, upcoming trends, or new gadgets that are just available in the market. 

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7. Use YouTube Shorts as Your New Content Notification. 

This will be greatly helpful when you’ve established a youtube channel. If you plan to post a new exciting video or webinar on a specific date and time, let your existing audience know what’s coming. In these shorts, you will give them some sort of idea regarding what you’ll cover and who’s the guest to make sure your audience stays tuned. 

8. Unboxing Products or Reviews – Also Trending Topics for Shorts

The product reviews do not necessarily have to be long all the time. if you are not sure how to make a one-minute short video, look for inspiration, you might find a lot of creative ways to do it. overall, unboxing products and reviews or gadgets in a Youtube shorts video could be the small version of your main video. 


9. Funny Memes And Entertaining Shorts

When you’ve no idea what should be first youtube channel would be, the entertaining category is the first choice. Also, for youtube shorts, you can create funny videos that are all about hilarious jokes, memes, pranks, or bloopers. And if you want to promote your brand memorably, you can create funny advertising to appeal to the audience. 

10. Life Hacks or Provide Solutions. 

Are you considering yourself a PRO at something? Or do you have the best ideas to solve the problems faced by most? Your one shorts video can help them greatly. From best cooking tips to coding hacks and you got tons of shorts ideas from this topic alone. 

11. Travel Vlogs or List the Best Places to Visit.

If you running a travel YouTube channel you don’t want to miss creating shorts. In such cases, you could also use shorts to share your travel tips or mention the places to visit. Along with that, one minute video is enough for a quick summary of your trips, if you know to edit it creatively. 

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12. Shorts That Promote Your Main Video or Existing Ones.

Like there’s a shorts video for notifying the upcoming video, this one is to make your audience watch your old video. In case they miss it or you’ve some important topic covered, you can create a snippet of that as YouTube short video. 

13. Tech Advice and Fix Some Issues With One-Minute Shorts.

If you’re a tech expert, you might already be aware that there are some routine tech issues to fix. And not all need long video answering issues. You can create a direct and to-the-point video that instantly provides the solution in one minute. This is one trending YouTube shorts topic that tech websites must not forget. 

14. Summarize Anything Into a Small Short Video. 

Those who have no time to refer to long-form content will love such types of videos. After all, one-minute shorts videos are supposed to be on a specific topic and not anything else. Whether it’s about reviewing a famous book, or product or summarizing the longer process into a quick actionable method, YouTube shorts will be great options. 

You also should be aware of the best time to post on Youtube to grow your channel.

Final Thoughts

Creating videos for YouTube, of course, the process is lengthy and takes more time and effort. While YouTube shorts videos might look comparatively easy to create, they sometimes take the same investments. 

As an established YouTube channel or a new one, you can’t miss out on creating YouTube shorts. They can be better features to promote your channel and grow your audience. 

Anytime when you feel run out of ideas you can try any one of the trending topics for creating YouTube short videos. It is certainly tough to edit your long-form video for shorts, but with creativity, you can make it possible.

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