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Whether you’re getting ready to take a hike in the mountains or explore the streets of Europe, it’s important to ensure that you have the right shoes for traveling to keep your feet and your back happy.

From long excursions outdoors to sitting on planes and trains, there are definitely plenty of shoes to choose from that you can wear on your next excursion.

Read on to discover a list of seven of the top shoes to wear while traveling so that your feet will be comfy and your mind will stay focused on having fun.

1. Hiking Shoes for Men

If you’re planning to do some serious hiking, you need some seriously durable and supportive shoes. One of the best men’s shoes for travel when it comes to hitting the trail is the North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX.

These hiking shoes are high-performance and specially designed for backpacking, trekking, and walking off the beaten path. The outer material of these hiking shoes by North Face features a durable polyurethane-coated leather upper. The breathable Gore-Tex membrane keeps your feet fresh and dry, even when you’re hopping through the streams.

Of course, you’ll need shoes that can protect your feet from chafing and abrasion if you’re planning to do some hiking. The Hedgehog Fastpack GTX shoes have a breathable textile mesh lining that keeps rough abrasions at bay.

When looking for hiking shoes for travel, make sure that they’re lightweight, waterproof, and durable enough to handle rugged terrain. These shoes by the North Face are an excellent choice and you’ll probably enjoy using them long after you get back home.

2. Comfy Sneakers for Traveling

There’s nothing quite like a lightweight, comfortable, and reliable pair of sneakers you can wear while traveling. The Loom Waterproof Sneaker is just that.

These are some of the best shoes for traveling, whether you’re planning to backpack across the country or just visit a major city and explore the culture. They’re fast-drying and work great when traveling in warmer climates where your feet tend to sweat.

Loom footwear uses temperature regulation technology and merino wool that keeps your feet cool and protects them from bacteria. Not only will your feet feel comfortable, but they’ll also be a lot less stinky, too.

This brand offers exceptionally comfortable, waterproof sneakers for both men and women. The minimalist look helps them go with anything, and they’re made to last for plenty of comfortable travel excursions.

3. Booties: Best Women’s Shoes for Traveling

If you’re not planning to do any crazy hiking but want to keep your feet comfortable, a great pair of booties or ankle boots are an excellent choice for fall and winter travel. Check out the Ella booties from Tom’s if you need a great pair of stylish boots to wear on your next trip.

These booties come in dozens of colors, and the versatile style makes them easy to wear with just about anything. The Tom’s brand also takes part in its unique 1 for 1 program, where they give one pair of shoes to a person in need with every purchase.

A benefit to these stylish ankle boots is the twin elastic gore that makes them a breeze to put on and take off. The rubber outsole offers durability, while the suede material on the outer gives them a healthy dose of style.

If you’re not sure how to find the right fit for you, use this guide to help you pick out the perfect pair. Once you find the ideal color, the Ella from Tom’s will surely become a favorite pair of shoes for traveling if looks and style are at the top of your list.

4. Comfortable Men’s Sneakers from Adidas

Adidas makes a ton of outstanding footwear for practically any occasion or application. When it comes to staying stylish and comfortable, check out the brand’s NMD_R2 for men.

These stylish sneakers have a modern look with a blend of contemporary design and vintage appeal. Of course, it’s Adidas’ performance technology and materials that will keep your feet comfortable while you travel.

This pair of sneakers features an ultra-light Primeknit upper that will keep your feet cool while preventing blisters. The arch support is excellent on these shoes, which makes them a smart choice if you’re doing a lot of walking.

When it comes to casual men’s shoes for travel, you simply can’t go wrong with these sneakers from Adidas. The ultra-cool design makes them a smart choice to wear with shorts, jeans, or casual pants.

5. The Best Shoes for the Beach

If your next trip involves spending some time on the beach, you’ll need a good pair of sandals to protect your feet. Look for sandals with durable soles that can handle the hot boardwalk and the super-hot sand.

Brands like Clarks, Teva, and Crocs are just some examples that make exceptionally high-quality sandals. These shoes come in tons of styles, colors, and designs for all genders.

When you’re spending time on the beach, it’s vital to have a good pair of shoes that will keep your feet cool yet protected. Make sure the sole is cushiony and thick, and that the upper hugs your foot nicely so it doesn’t come off while you walk.

Water shoes are made to handle being fully submersed without getting damaged. If you’re expecting to walk on a coral reef or explore jagged underwater terrain, look for a high-quality pair of these shoes to protect your feet. They should dry quickly so you won’t end up with soaked feet after you’re done.

6. Footwear Traveling Tips

You’re not limited to just one pair of shoes when you’re traveling. In fact, it’s best to have at least three pairs of lightweight, versatile shoes to match every occasion.

Depending on where you’re going, you should always bring at least these styles: a dressy pair, a quality pair of walking shoes, and a casual pair of sandals. If your next trip involves serious hiking or exploring, make sure you include hiking boots on your list.

The types of shoes you bring will also depend on the location, climate, or season. For example, you might not need to bring sandals if you’re heading to the Swiss Alps or planning to take a trip somewhere during the winter.

The lighter your shoes are, the easier they will be to take with you and to pack in your suitcase. However, some trips require heavier duty shoes than others, like a hardcore backpacking or hiking adventure.

Whether you’re traveling by car, train, or airplane, wear your best pair of sneakers for the travel portion so that your feet stay comfy. Remember, you will be doing a lot of walking between terminals and other places, so you want to make sure that your feet are comfortable the entire time.

7. Hybrid Shoes for Travel

Perhaps you enjoy the occasional nature trail, but you don’t really need a hardcore pair of hiking boots. In this case, your best bet is to find a nice pair of shoes that are a “hybrid” between comfortable sneakers and lightweight boots.

One good example of this is the Grand Traverse shoe from Vasque. They’re perfect to enjoy some heavy walking around town, but light enough to keep your feet and ankles comfortable in any environment.

The Vasque Grand Traverse is ideal for sightseeing and shorter day hikes on less intense terrain. They’re also perfect for exploring cities, traveling through the airport, and doing some extensive shopping.

These shoes come with Vibram Ibex soles that are molded to fit your feet. Two grippy rubber compounds provide you with the perfect blend of traction on slippery terrain and tight grips to help you keep your balance.

These shoes are made for men, but they’re a great choice if you need something versatile, light, and durable. Vasque also makes an extensive line for women, including hiking boots, sneakers, and walking shoes.

Keep Your Feet Happy

When you shop for new shoes for traveling, keep quality, comfort, and durability in mind. The perfect shoes will be lightweight yet reliable enough to protect your feet no matter where you decide to explore and roam.

Always break your shoes in before your trip so that they fit your feet in the most comfortable way possible. With the right features, you can enjoy exceptionally comfortable shoes that will keep you and your feet happy the entire time.

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