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If you are looking for the best and trending project topics for students, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we are looking into project ideas for computer science students, management students, ECE students.

Project Topics for Computer Science 

Coding is the cell of computer science. You want to demonstrate your skills in coding. Computer Science is a subject where skills matter more when it comes to working.

You can have a theory and book-based approach. But can you build a simple program from scratch? So in order to be a good student of CSE, you must practice and show your talents through projects.

1. Program to blur a video:

You need to prepare this project to build code from scratch. You need to understand pixels and little basic blurring principles. With those color information of RGB, and coding you can achieve this project successfully. Though it can be a mini project for some, yet it would be a good project to start with.

2. Implementation of the Minesweeper game

So minesweeper is an interesting game of randoms. You select a box in a rectangular field. You see some numbers pop up. And there are some boxes which are still hidden. Some of those hidden boxes contain mines. Your job is to successfully only click on those boxes which have a number and not a mine. So you need to implement a minesweeper game starting with an algorithm.

3. Generating Password and OTP in Java.

As soon as you register to buy something online, immediately your OTP pops up. OTP short for One Time Password. We used to wonder about it. We know it is coding but now it is time to build it practically. An automatic password generator and an OTP generator.

4. XML parsing in Python

It is a parser used to read XML in Python. You need to code it in Python. XML means Extensive Markup Language.

5. Browser Automation Using Selenium

It means running different tasks or instances at the same time. In order to check the performance of speed. You need to code using Selenium. It is an open-source API. We need to test the web application. So in order to take those tests, it would take a lot of time and memory. Selenium helps to automate it.

6. Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Python

We see the rise of machine learning, data science, Artificial Intelligence growing at a faster rate. Twitter especially is a platform where we need to analyze each and every tweet. You need to input certain words and generate a sentiment analysis. You need to code it in Python.

7. Calculator for Android Devices.

A Calculator is a basic device that many coders start with. The calculator is the best project for beginners to learn many processes. You could make your calculator stronger by adding complex calculation tools too.

8. Working with Images

In this project, you need to create a sort of image editor in Python. You need to understand the function of each and every tool. And come up with creative ideas for developing code.

9. Handling Ajax Request.

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is the full form of  Ajax. It is a form of loading data from a server. So you need to come up with the code to do just that.

10. Working with Zip Files

In this project, you need to develop code for a zip file. You need to create a platform through which we can access and modify the contents of Zip File.

11. Simple Chat room using Python

You all know what a Chat room is. So in order to create a private chatroom building secure encrypted channels for conversations. You can develop this code using a unique way where you can build it from scratch.

12. Morse Code Translator

Ever since Morse Code hit the normal people, everyone is trying to code secret messages in Morse. In this project, you are to build a translator that automatically converts it as you enter the data.

13. Chatbot for Businesses

As businesses are improving at a faster rate in the online sphere. Many are adopting chatbots as according to data, chatbots are starting to increase conversions. Thus, one must build pre-recorded texts, FAQ’s, etc. that would help the customer in understanding the product. Also, get good value from the website itself.

14. Online Class Management

You must build a proper system through which you can manage the online classes. You need to create an efficient system through which teachers and students can interact and do their works easily.

15. Complaint Management System

In this project, you need to build a proper system for an ABC company such that people can register their complaints efficiently.

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Project Management Topics

The idea of project management is to complete a  team’s overall goals to achieve maximum productivity.

1. Career Development

In order for a better life, a better career is a must. So career development is an important project to work on. You can prepare a project where you show how career development can help a person overall.

2. Innovation

In modern days, having proper innovation is a must in order to solve complex problems easily. So you need to prepare a project indicating the importance of creativity and innovation in an individual as well as in a team.

3. Cost Management

Cost is equally important. Every business invests money back. And it needs to properly manage all its expenses. And moreover, the other aspect is to see how pricing and demand are related to your business. As people tend to buy costly products thinking their quality is high. And sometimes they stop purchasing that same product if the cost is more than the threshold. There is only a thin line between these two. So proper cost management is absolutely necessary.

4. Risk Management

Entrepreneurs need to take risks. Risk is a must in this modern world. But it does not have to be unplanned and throwing knives in the dark. With proper data incorporated into proper tools, we can approximately measure how much risk is involved. Stockbrokers and investors analyze such calculations on a regular basis.

5. Resource Management

The next important project that you can present is Resource Management. Any business needs certain resources to do sales. Resources can vary from company to company. And it depends on different factors.

In this management, one must analyze what he has and what he can do with that. With innovative ideas and efficient strategies, one can easily bring better results with simple resource management.

6. Quality Management

Another aspect is quality management which many overlook. It is highly underrated among many businesses. As they tend to forget about the product’s value to customers. Having proper quality management is a necessary thing to do in this modern time in order to stand out.

7. Product Life Cycles

Every product has its own life cycle. Technologies are upgraded, the stock gets replaced. Some are recycled and others are improved. The life cycle is a must in order to maximize a company’s profit and minimize the company’s expenses.

8. Mixing Agile and Waterfall

Agile is simple like a trial and error method for improving the product. Understanding the market response and tweaking each method and steps. And Waterfall is considered as the best working system. The system is divided into phases. And we can only move to the next phase if the previous phase is completed. Integrating both systems gives the best efficiency.

9. Peer Support

As humans, we are easily distracted and end up doing no work. Hence peer support is highly important. Through peer support, we can motivate each other to complete our tasks and get that teamwork done. You can prepare a project topic teaching the various examples of the increase in work productivity due to peer support.

10. Change Management

Change is the only thing that is permanent. The same goes for project management. As it typically takes months to complete a project, your team would go under a lot of change. So having proper change management is essential to have the best efficiency.

And you can develop a project indicating the importance of adapting to change for the greater good of the project. And that there is no communication gap.

11. Procurement Management

Procurement means obtaining something. So in a project, there are many things required from outside. Hence, one must efficiently manage the procurement system in order to get the maximum potential. Also to complete the project on time.

12. Schedule Management

Proper efficient planning is a must in order for successful project completion. So you can create your project stating the different ways of managing schedules. A detailed schedule for each and every person is the solution for proper communication.

13. Integration Management

Integration Management is a project topic where you can state the co-ordination of different elements. The different tasks appointed needs to be properly coordinated in order to achieve maximum output. So as a student of managing projects, you need to have a proper integration management system in the place. It also must provide a solution.

14. Value

The world works on value. Every product or service is of some value. In order to have proper pricing, one must also understand the value of a product or service. Value depends on different situations, time, and peoples. And it also depends on many more things. So one must have a good knowledge of such factors and determine the value.

15. Leadership

A very important topic as all the other mentioned topics ultimately depends on this. Leadership can break or make a project. So an effective, risk-loving, smart, innovative leader is a must. You can menetion the different case studies on excellent leaders.

16.  Best Practices for Project Management

The presentation topic is to discuss the best strategies and practices for effective project management. It involves the research and case study to present the subject in depth. The students can give the real-life examples and successful projects that are the result of effective project management.


Project Topics for ECE students

Students of Electronics and Communication Engineering need to have hands-on experience in hardware projects. In order to be a better engineer, one must develop these practical skills through these projects.

1. TV remote control for the computer.

As we control our television set using a remote, we can control the computer using a similar remote. Our project is to make such a TV remote. You must develop a device that has wireless technology to control the computer. And through that, we can control the basic functions of the computer easily.

2. Sensors that measure the distance of an object.

You need to build a machine that has sensors sensitive to light, sound, etc. as per the condition of the object. And through that sensor, you must be able to detect the distance of the object using certain codes.

3. Monitoring Systems in Hospital

Technology has helped humans a lot and especially in the improvement of people’s health. With proper monitoring systems in hospitals, we can be more efficient in taking individual care of patients. You can develop a project by which you can collect data on a patient’s health and access it.

4. Encrypted messages through Wireless Communication

In this modern world, where our privacy is taken for granted. It is crucial to have encrypted messages. You can do that by developing a device that can transfer information to another normal device. Such that you can send a message privately.

5. Circuit breaker

Circuits are closed and are functioning regularly. But there is like a kill switch which can break the circuit. This is an absolute must in the modern world. In this project, you have to develop your own circuit breaker from scratch. It is a relatively interesting and essential project.

6. Solar-powered lights

This is a no-brainer. And it is of most importance as our future depends on it. We must all eventually go solar and use renewable sources of energy. So you must develop a project to design a solar power light.

7. Water Level Indicator

As water level increases or decreases in industry used machines, one cannot simply see it. And you need a water level indicator that can help you with that. The water level indicator works on a trigger-based system where the water cues the signal to trigger. And we get the water level as data.

8. Fire Alarm

You can develop a project where you attach sensors that can detect heat and trigger a reaction. That trigger will eventually lead to sirens and fire alarms that can indicate the danger. As per current events, fire alarms should be in every home.

9. Automatic street lights

Since the electricity’s cost is climbing every day, the street lights eat more taxpayer’s money. So you don’t need a street light unless there is a vehicle movement or any small movements. And it is especially useful for those highways where only cars and heavy vehicles move.

You can design a project where a vehicle is detected even before it reaches the street light. And it works automatically.

10. Police Lights

You can develop a project where you can make the police lights as they are unique. You may have observed the red and blue lights. It flashes almost at the same time. You can use a decade counter and a 555 timer.

11. Computer Home Automation

In this project topic, you can make your house smart by automating electrical gadgets through your PC. Electrical gadgets including fan, light, geyser, air conditioner, heater, camera, etc. You can automate these electrical gadgets through your PC by using wireless technology and equipment.

12. Heat detector of machine

There are many devices that stop working when used beyond its capabilities. So devices must be protected before reaching their maximum potential.  A heat detector which can detect and trigger necessary warning.

13. Metro Tickets

Every metro has automated ticketing processes. And to have a system or a machine through which you can purchase your tickets and get it printed is the thing of the future.

14.  Basic Robots

A robot that can move, perform basic functions operation, etc. can be designed. It is a bit tricky project yet it can be very interesting and educative. Like vacuum cleaner robots, intelligent humanoid hold robot, etc.

15.  Miniature Solar Panel

A miniature solar panel that works on the principle of converting heat energy to mechanical energy. A cell made from scratch that is extremely vital to modern-day civilization.


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