Top 11 turkey travel tips Top 11 turkey travel tips

Do you plan to go on a Turkish adventure this year? Before you plan your trip, we have some helpful tips that can enhance your overall travel experience. 

This guide covers everything you need to know about making your Turkish adventure memorable, from getting around to staying safe. 

Known for its rich history, stunning scenery, and delicious cuisine, Turkey is one of the most visited European countries. Mostly for solo travelers, who want to discover the rich culture and natural beauty, a trip to Turkey can be a life-changing experience for you. 

Also, these turkey travel tips are to help make your trip more enjoyable and hassle-free. 

1. Choose the right season to travel to Turkey.

Weather in Turkey varies with the time of year and location. During the summer months, it can get extremely hotter than anywhere else in Europe. As the temperature rises to 100°F in the summer, be sure to plan your travel according to your stamina and comfort level. Some parts of the country have the coolest winters. You can visit Turkey in October when the weather is average. 

2. Get your visa process done through a trusted and easy way. 

If it’s your first time trip to Turkey, it’s advisable as always to hire a trusted visa agent or consultant. They might handle every visa process on your behalf and save a ton of your time finding the right way to get it done for you. Just for your knowledge, the tourist visa allows you to stay in the country for 90 days. So you need to plan your trip ahead of time.

3. If possible then learn the basic Turkish words. 

It’s fine, most people in Turkey are familiar with English. Although, it is more than helpful if you know some of the basic Turkish words and phrases. It helps you communicate with the locals and ask for directions when your map isn’t working. Words such as, ‘tamam’ mean Okay, ‘evet’ is Yes, ‘hayır’ is No, and ‘ Teşekkür ederim’ is thank you in Turkish.

4. Have your currency exchanged from the authorities.

The Turkish lira is the official currency of turkey. Travel agents or airports are your options to trade your money for the trip. But, it’s easier to get the right exchange rate at currency stations or turkey’s banks. Most of the cities of Turkey have cash machines installed, some operate in English and the local language. You could use your international debit or credit card. But, carrying cash makes it easy to pay for small purchases. 

5. Make Sure to get access to the Internet and Wi-Fi.

The good thing is you get access to free WIFI in the Turkish city, with just one passcode. Also, it’s free, so you better look for another option if safety is your concern. Another way to get internet access is you can buy turkey Simard for your trip. The eCard also works well digitally. Else you can also start an international plan in your current number.

6. Look for budgeted accommodations and facilities.

It’s a common thing to consider, still, it’s more crucial when you’re going to Turkey for the first time. You may find so many hotels, and Airbnb motels to stay in during your trip to turkey. Also, you get the one in your budget, if you do further research, as hotel costs are cheaper compared to other European countries.

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7. Turkish cuisine is world-famous, you shouldn’t miss it. 

The unique flavors and fresh ingredients of Turkish cuisine make it globally popular. On your first trip to Turkey, don’t forget to taste the local cuisine, including kebabs, baklava, Turkish delight, and meze. These dishes are available in many local restaurants and on the streets.

Their menu also includes a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

8. Take public transportation to get around the country. 

While traveling to turkey and visiting the destination that you planned, take a route that fits your budget right. Several modes of public transportation are available in Turkey, including buses, trams, and metros. It’s often cheaper to use public transportation than to take a taxi. A ride-sharing app like Uber or BiTaksi is also a handy option. Check the comfortable mode of transportation as you have a local bus to flight available.

9. Keep your safety first and make this trip enjoyable. 

It’s safer to travel to Turkey, but as a solo traveler or if it’s your first time trip, it’s better to take care extra, for sure. Despite the average crime rate, you should think of your safety while taking rides or staying at hotels. Take precautions to stay safe on your journey, and follow travel advisories. Avoid crowded areas and be alert while traveling.

10. Have everything planned in advance. 

To make the most of your trip from Turkey, prepare your travel plans beforehand. Turkey has so many prominent places to visit for the first-time traveler. To not miss out on the important one, schedule your journey accordingly. Make a plan of the destinations and sights you want to see during your visit to Turkey according to your time and interest.

11. Be familiar with Turkish culture and festivals. 

This country has so many holidays and festivals. It is a culturally rich country after all. The knowledge of the festivals and culture might give you a pleasant experience. While you also want to check the holidays when planning to visit famous destinations and places. Overall, be respectful of the local tradition and get to know Turkish culture more deeply. 

Keep these tips in mind as you travel to Turkey and you will be able to truly experience the beauty and charm of the country. 

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A trip to Turkey will take you to beautiful sights and wonderful locations. Also, the culture is rich and there’s something to explore more about the lifestyle and festivals. 

Plus, there are many things to do in Turkey, from exploring ancient sites to relaxing on pristine beaches to enjoying delicious Turkish cuisine and meeting friendly locals. 

Whether it’s your first trip or you’re planning to travel solo, it’s best to plan the essentials such as where to stay, how to travel, and safety concerns before you go. 

This way you can enjoy a memorable vacation experience to remember it as a successful trip. 

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