Good Comments For Travel Posts And Vlogs Good Comments For Travel Posts And Vlogs

72 Good Comments for Travel Post Reels and Vlogs

While there is someone who happily shares their all-travel memories and recent trip experience, you want to leave comments that match their excitement. 

The same as your comments on pictures or videos are not just your opinion, you need to make your comments sound genuine, though. You can’t rely on ‘enjoy’ and ‘great post’ types of comments when you want to engage with most travel-related content found online.  

Whether it’s your friend who posts his pictures from the trip, you read travel blogs online, or follow travel vlogs, these are the best comments for traveling that are worthwhile to leave. 

Good Comments for Travel Photos

Comments For Travel Photos

On Facebook or Instagram, if you come across some beautiful travel pics that you can’t resist but write something, you can leave these good comments. 

  1. Such a beautiful place this is. I wish to travel there one day. 
  2. I can see you’ve had great fun there. 
  3. What an amazing ride it is. You make me be there right now. 
  4. I need a break, right now. 
  5. Yeah, I too want to be lost. Because I want to explore. 
  6. With your travel picture, you’re making me jealous.
  7. I’ve been to the same place. Lots of things seem change now there. 
  8. I love being in the natural, it is always a healing experience for me. 
  9. Vacation is coming and your posts excited me for the next journey.
  10. Enough traveling in the country, now I want to go overboard. 
  11. Next time when you visit, don’t forget me, friend. 
  12. Love your all pictures, I wonder which camera you used. 
  13. Oh, you’ve been to our city. I wish you the best for your trip here.
  14. The hospitality of this country is just on another level. 

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Best Comments for Travel Reels on Instagram

Comments For Travel Reels On Instagram

When you follow a travel page on Instagram, such comments you can share on traveling reels. Such comments will help you engage with the posts well enough plus express how much you enjoy these travel vids. 

  1. I’m going to pack my bag to visit the same place. 
  2. Where’s my password I’m leaving now!
  3. Keep them coming, we’re enjoying your videos a lot.
  4. I’ve my next travel destination. I know where I’m going. 
  5. Travelling gives us a lot of stories to tell. 
  6. Love this post, you captured the great places. 
  7. Thank you for giving us an online ride to this amazing place. 
  8. Your all reels are so uniquely created, I’m so impressed. 
  9. When you lost during the travel, you’re not actually lost. 
  10. Visiting every single wonder of the world is on my bucket list. 
  11. There was a time when I hate to travel, but now I just want to travel. 
  12. The best traveling is the one with no proper plan. 
  13. Now I’m on a mission to travel to new places every new year. 
  14. So impressed with this lifestyle. You’ve changed my whole perspective. 

Engaging Comments to Leave on Travel Videos

Nice Comments To Share On Travel Vlogs

A travel blogger doing their best to take you on a virtual travel guide. If you found a very helpful traveling blog post, these are some perfect comments to write.

  1. Man, you give me my next travel spot. 
  2. Enjoying your posts so much, keep posting. 
  3. Agree with you, travel when you’ve time. Else there’ll be regret only. 
  4. I’m a regular reader of your blog, your posts are super helpful. 
  5. By the way, how many countries you’ve traveled to?
  6. Your posts are always on point without any bluff. 
  7. I’m just wondering how you got such time to write this post while traveling. 
  8. All I wish is to leave everything and just go to a distant place. 
  9. The more you travel, the more you learn. Agree with that.
  10. I’m already so amazed to see the world on the other side, hope to visit there in the future. 
  11. The only way to live your life best is to travel and travel. 
  12. No matter what If this is for the traveling, you can count me in already. 
  13. What a great experience you shared. It helped me to plan my trip.  
  14. I suggest you to please visit my city, you’ll love it. 
  15. Nothing personal, but I’m feeling jealous though.

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Helpful Comments to Share for Travel Reviews

Comments To Leave On Travel Blog

Compared to other forms of content, travel reels are quite challenging to create. And such engaging comments make the perfect sense to value the travel vlogger’s efforts. 

  1. I’m also planning to travel to the same place. Thanks for the detailed guide. 
  2. What a wonderful experience you’ve, happy for you!
  3. Oh! You visited my city; I wish I knew this before.
  4.  I’ve been searching for a tour guide and your video helped a lot. 
  5. Very detailed and perfect in explaining what first-time traveler needs. 
  6. I’ve been following the channel for quite a long; your posts always excite me. 
  7. Seems like the people over there are quite friendly and very supportive.
  8. Thank you so much for this vlog, you posted it at the perfect time. 
  9. The best part of traveling is meeting new people there. 
  10. I’ve been to many adventurous places; I think I need to travel your way. 
  11. I seriously can’t thank you enough, I’ve learned a lot from your videos.
  12. Can you tell what is the weather like there in the summer? 
  13. Wow, you must be known about many cultures by traveling there. 
  14. I can imagine you’ve explored a lot being on your longest trip so far. 
  15. Your travel vlogs always teach me something more about new places and cultures. 

Positive Reviews & Comments for Travel Agency

You just came back from a successful and enjoyable tour with your family and friends. The overall experience was memorable, you enjoyed it a lot and traveled fully. And for that entire experience, you should leave some positive comments to the travel agency online. Whether it’s their business profile or a social media page, here are some example review comments to express your good travel experience with the agency. 

  1. I have been going on a tour with this company for the last four years, they are the best. 
  2. Everything was just perfect as expected. They do as per their promise. Very happy!
  3. There’s no match to the level of management. They are the best tour operators. 
  4. They are the best in the business. We had the best experience with them so far. 
  5. We got the services and trip experience we expected. Thank you so much. 
  6. Thank you for this amazing travel experience and the great services provided.
  7. I don’t think that I have ever had perfect tour management before. 
  8. From now on, I will buy a tour and travel package from this agent only. 
  9. To be honest, this is the best trip I have ever been to. Thanks for the best services. 
  10. If you think to plan a trip with this agent, go for it. You have nothing to worry about. 
  11. It was such a best travel experience we had so far. I can’t thank you enough for them. 
  12. The travel agent planned our trip perfectly, which made it a perfect vacation. 
  13. I’m so impressed with the level of services offered during the entire trip. 
  14. This level of management and services you can expect from the premium tour operator.

Now that, you have great comments for traveling, share them with any travel-related posts, reels, and videos you get to see. Well, if you get to learn something from travel videos or want to express gratitude to share such a beautiful experience with others, write something to appreciate them, truly. 

  1. Thank you for sharing such a well-written and informative list of comments. The travel post was presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a well-written and informative list of comments. The travel post was presented clearly and concisely, making it easy to understand.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a well-written and informative list . The travel post was presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand.

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