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Many people may not realize that hot air balloons are one of the safest recreational ways to fly in the sky. In fact, from 2002 to 2012, there were 16 deaths in the United States.  

These rides allow many people to experience new views and celebrations altogether.

If you’d like to learn about experiencing a hot air balloon ride, keep reading for more information! 


Hot air balloons are very popular for those wanting to see the world from a new perspective. While onboard, you’ll be amongst the clouds and looking down at the land below. Not many people get to experience a view like this, and many describe it as magical.  

New Mexico is a popular destination for balloon rides for the mountains, valleys, and basins. In fact, ABQ balloon rides are famous because thousands of people flock to experience these breathtaking views. 

2. Peaceful

Once you’re up in the sky, you’ll realize how peaceful the ride is. Besides the flame blower, there is no noise to interrupt your flight. The silence brings you a sense of tranquility and harmony, making you feel calm overall. 

Since you’re essentially floating, you’ll also feel like you’re a part of the clouds and sky. The combination of these feelings will make you understand why so many partake in these recreational activities. 

3. Unique Celebration

Hot air balloon rides offer the perfect way to experience celebrations in life. These rides help mark new milestones that will forever be memorable for all involved. These celebrations can include proposals, marriages, gifts, etc.

No matter the commemoration, the balloon ride helps make it even more unique. Your stories will be elevated with this experience, and everyone will be surprised by the experience.  

4. Sunrises and Sunsets

Many hot air balloon rides are scheduled at the same two times so riders can experience the sunrise or sunset. Viewing the sunrise or sunset from high above the ground will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Often, people are surprised by how different they look from a sky view. 

These times are perfect for couples who want a more intimate and romantic adventure. Many times they’ll be celebrating each other for anniversaries or honeymoons. 

5. Thrilling

Adventurous people are always looking for a new thrill to take part in. Hot air balloons offer a new thrill that doesn’t require extreme danger. Instead, they provide a safe flight while keeping your adrenaline rushing as you rise high above the ground. 

Many riders are thrilled with the mechanics of the balloon and how high they float in the air. The adrenaline doesn’t stop pumping on your way down since the landing is just as exciting to endure.  

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A hot air balloon ride opens up new adventures for you to experience. Once you book your flight, you’ll have fun memories to share with those you love. 

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