Top 5 mobile gaming innovations Top 5 mobile gaming innovations

There has been a huge amount of advancement in the online gambling industry in the past few years. The expert estimate is that by 2023, US markets will be worth up to $70 billion.

This growth is expected to happen owing to the current proliferation of mobile casino apps in countries like Italy, China, the UK and US. A lot of advancements are brought into online gambling with the numerous innovations in technology, and this helps the popularity of the sector to soar, luring in more people to embrace it.

As players continue to prefer mobile gaming, and as they familiarize themselves with the best ways to enjoy their preferred titles on their mobile devices, big players in the industry keep pumping more resources to develop more vistas. Below, we have listed the 5 technologies that we believe will bring in a complete turnaround in the mobile gaming experience and industry in the near future.

Top Technological Changes that Completely Advance the Gaming Industry

1. Cryptocurrency Casinos

In most of the casinos of today, the inn thing is to ensure that cryptocurrency payments are enabled. In most of the reputable online casinos in the UK and other countries, casino payments could be made with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. For people who like to retain anonymity online can use sites like CSGOBook, where you can find unique games and potentially go on to win skins and cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Acceptance of cryptocurrency payments by the casinos reveals the level of flexibility that these casinos have embraced, and it also provides an opportunity for players that would rather remain anonymous to thrive. The Blockchain technology which powers cryptocurrency payments records every transaction with the digital currency, and protects each with a digitography in a system that is not centralized.

This reduces the risk of exposure to fraud to the barest minimum. Players who are not sold on sharing their banking details find this system very beneficial.

2. Cloud Gaming Technology

The online casino gaming arena has garnered more audience because of the cloud gaming that arrived a few years back. This has actually relegated the idea of downloading online casino software before you can enjoy top-notch quality games to the background. The cloud services enable players to enjoy more games without the need to download any software or apps on their mobile device.

Through cloud gaming, the entire gaming data is stored on the web, defeating any need for the data to take up more space on people’s phones. When people play on cloud, they also enjoy faster loading of games and smoother gameplay. But on the negative angle, you have to burn a considerable amount of internet data while doing this.

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3. Virtual Reality Gaming

The virtual reality system is expected to advance massively in the near future. Through VR, online gamers are experiencing more immersion and interaction already. We cannot deny the fact that most of the VR headsets and software may not be easily affordable, but there are still some that could be purchased by any average gamer out there at considerable rates.

Virtual technology mobile gaming is being incorporated by many casinos at the moment, and this gives players the chance to get immersed in the virtual world and enjoy the amazing 3V slots and card games therein.

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4. Artificial Intelligence

We currently experience artificial intelligence in every sector of our everyday lives. With this system, search machines like Google are already delivering personalized ads and services to people. Also, Netflix and other streaming firms adopt this to make movie suggestions and recommendations to account holders. These and many other firms employ the artificial intelligence system to deliver services to clients. The gaming sites are not exempt from the use of AI. They employ mobile virtual assistants or chatbots as customer support staff, so that players can get quick and immediate response to their queries.

This solves the problem of rise in the need for customer service, and reduces the staff load of the casinos, thereby saving money from wages. AI application in mobile gambling is expected to grow in the next few years.

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5. Live Play Technology in Mobile Casinos

If you miss the type of action that is available in the brick and mortar casinos, you will have something similar in the online and mobile casinos of today. This is brought to you by the live casino games. These are games designed to be streamed by the players. Here, there is a simulation of the gaming environment that is obtainable in actual casinos, with live croupiers anchoring the games. Here, players are also given the chance to interact with these dealers and their fellow players. This was only available online, but now, players can enjoy it on mobile – thanks to the advancement in technology.

These are some of the most pronounced technologies that we are sure will drive the online gaming industry in the years to come. You have to start embracing them if you intend to enjoy the fun that is coming your way in online gambling.

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