Trending questions for alexa Trending questions for alexa

Alexa has become one of the most loved toys for humans these days; whenever we get bored, we like to talk to Alexa, and for all those who keep on commanding Alexa to switch on lights and music, let’s give her a break and have some fun now.

You know Alexa has a great sense of humor and a great answer every time you ask her something funny. Haven’t you tried yet? 

It’s high time to try this with your Alexa; here are some great questions you can try with Alexa. You can also record yourself and share it on your social media-

Funny Questions for Alexa

Add some fun to your life without doing anything; ask these questions to Alexa and let her do the rest. She can be lit sometimes; we found some funny questions that you should surely try with Alexa.’

Funny questions for alexa

  1. What’s your favorite movie alexa?
  2. Alexa, who was your first crush?
  3. Alexa, do you hangout with Siri?
  4. Alexa, would you like to go on a coffee date with me?
  5. Alexa, why are you so lazy?
  6. Alexa, what can first cock or egg?
  7. Alexa, what is the name of your ex?
  8. Alexa, which is your favorite movie?
  9. Alexa, what makes you happy?
  10. Alexa, do I look fat?
  11. Alexa, what is your weight?                            
  12. Alexa, Do you like me?
  13. Alexa, did you miss me?
  14. Alexa, have you met Jeff Bezos?
  15. Alexa, what did Jeff Bezos ask you to do last time?
  16. Alexa, what is the stupidest question I have ever asked?

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Hilarious Requests with Alexa

People keep wishing different things with Alexa apart from Alexa switch on the AC or geyser and have you tried yet? If yes then you know how hilarious it and if not then what are waiting for? 

Through this bunch of hilarious questions on Alexa and don’t hold your laugh when she answers!

Hilarious requests with alexa

  1. Alexa switch off this teenage mode.
  2. Alexa get me a girlfriend.
  3. Alexa, when will I get a job?
  4. Alexa makes my life happen.
  5. Alexa, cook my breakfast please.
  6. Alexa will you go on a prom night.
  7. Alexa lit background music please.
  8. Alexa, what is your age?
  9. Alexa, am I lazy?
  10. Alexa, did you order something from the Amazon sale?
  11. Alexa, do you get a special discount on Amazon?
  12. Alexa, do you watch netflix?

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Funniest Questions People asked from Alexa

There are so many people around the globe that have already tried these conversations and showed their creativity. Here are some funniest questions that people already tried with Alexa and she proved how intelligent she is.

Funniest questions people asked from alexa

  1. Alexa, have you ever been in love?                        
  2. Alexa, insult me.         
  3. Alexa, are you stupid?     
  4. Alexa, impress me.     
  5. Alexa, who is prettier than me?                              
  6. Alexa, what do you think of the iPhone?           
  7. Alexa, are you spying on me?
  8. Alexa, do you see dead people?                       
  9. Alexa, do you like guys or girls?                            
  10. Alexa, am I fat?           
  11. Alexa, do you have a boyfriend?                 
  12. Alexa, what do you think about Amazon?          
  13. Alexa, do you know who Siri is?                          
  14. Alexa, who is your celebrity crush?
  15. Alexa, are you really smart?                          
  16.  Alexa, are you married?   
  17. Alexa, are you afraid of ghosts?                       
  18.  Alexa, are you good or evil?                             
  19. Alexa, are you a nerd?
  20. Alexa, I’m your father.
  21. Alexa, what’s your job?   
  22.  Alexa, how much money do you make?            
  23. Alexa, will you run for president?                  
  24.  Alexa, what’s my life’s purpose?
  25. Alexa, tell me something weird.

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Questions for Kids

Alexa has all the answers for your kids, are you tired of listening and answering kids enquiries?  Tell them to ask all that to Alexa, kids can have really good conversations with Alexa apart from general knowledge questions. Here are some interesting questions for kids that they can ask and you can surely record.

Questions for kids

  1. Alexa, say bhaw bhaow?
  2. Alexa, can you dance for me?
  3. Alexa, what is my favorite song?
  4. Alexa, do you like to study?
  5. Alexa. do you think you’re smart?
  6. Alexa, what is your favorite game?
  7. Alexa, what is your favorite color?
  8. Alexa, sings baby shark?
  9. Alexa, who kept your name Alexa?
  10. Alexa, what do you get on your tiffin?
  11. Alexa, what are your wedding plans?
  12. Alexa, who is your secret crush?
  13. Alexa, can you do homework for me?
  14. Alexa, show me your beatboxing skills.

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