Your Home Most Vulnerable To Theft Your Home Most Vulnerable To Theft

6 Times Your Home is Most Vulnerable to Theft

When thinking about the nightmare possibility of a home intrusion, many of us imagine being in bed, perhaps hearing a noise below and realizing with horror that a stranger is in our home, with bad intent.

But how common is that scenario?  What are the facts about burglaries, and when is your home most vulnerable to theft?

1. Most burglaries take place between 10 am and 3 pm

Why is this? Simply, homes are most likely to be empty between those hours, with the occupants out at work, shopping, or school.

2. July and August are the peak months for burglaries

In summer homes are more likely to be unoccupied for extended periods as the owners travel on vacation. From the burglar’s point of view, there’s less risk of being disturbed by an occupant arriving home unexpectedly in the middle of their raid.

3. You’re vulnerable without a security system

A property without a visible security system is three times as likely to be a target for burglars as one where precautions are clearly taken. Especially favored are detached single-family homes, surrounded by other houses. Why? There are plenty of entry points via doors and ground floor windows, and it’s easier to remain out of sight.

If you’re thinking about the most effective way to deter intruders, customized home security systems can be designed taking into account the layout and addressing potential vulnerabilities of your home. Make sure you display signs advertising your enhanced level of security at both the front and the back of your home, as that’s where burglars will typically do their work.

4. Homes with middle-aged occupants are least likely to be targeted

It may be surprising, but having a student living in your house is more of a magnet for burglars, as they’re likely to have lots of the latest electronics which can easily be carried away and resold.

On the other hand, the elderly are also vulnerable to home intrusions, partly due to the perception that they may keep cash and other valuables in the home, but also as they could o have medications and paraphernalia which could be attractive to opportunistic thieves.

Once again, a smart security system, incorporating cameras on the doors and windows, can send a message to potential thieves that your home may be more trouble than it’s worth.

5. Homes with sturdy doors and windows are least likely to be entered

Most burglars don’t have sophisticated lock-picking skills- they’ll just break the door or window to enter. They want to be in and out within 10 minutes. Ensure your frames are solid, that your locks are fitted with metal plates, and that your windows are not only fitted with interior locks but also have reinforced glass which will make it more difficult to shatter and climb through.

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6. When you leave an invitation….

Leaving tools and garden implements unattended and visible from the curb is an open invitation for a passer-by with bad intentions to make off with your valuable items. Never leave your garage door open, and lock your garden shed or tool store whenever you’re not using it.

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