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Are you thinking about moving to Montana? If so, there are a few things you should know before taking such a big leap.

Whether you’re relocating for a career change or just want new scenery, there’s some information that you might find helpful before you make your decision.

Below is a list that will serve as a resource for you as you make your move. Read on for six things you need to know about Montana.

Low Cost of Living

Montana is an extremely affordable state to live in. Its property taxes are low and there is no sales tax in the state.

The state has a progressive income tax structure with rates ranging from 1 to 6.9 percent. It also has more affordable homes compared to other states, with the median value being under $100 thousand.

Healthy Economy

Not only is it affordable, but Montana’s GDP is the eighth fastest-growing in the United States. Jobs are plentiful throughout the state in industries such as health-care, education, and tech. Moving to a place where work is available is always a great decision!


Montana is part of the intermountain region and it experiences all four seasons. You can expect to have hot summers, cool falls, snowy winters, and rainy springs.

Depending on where you venture throughout the state will have an impact on the climate even further, as the weather changes due to topography and geography at certain altitudes. For example, the Northeast region experiences more harsh winters than the central and southern areas.

Open Spaces

By area, Montana is the fourth largest state but it is not densely populated so there is a lot more open space. This also means less traffic and more opportunities for green spaces to flourish.

With fewer people taking up space, its residents are able to get more land for their money and live comfortably.

Rich History

The state has rich Native American history and was discovered on the Lewis and Clark expedition in the 1800s. After its discovery, it quickly became popular for its fur trading and trapping. It is also where gold was first found.

Montana has beautiful wildlife that helps to tell its story and shape its future.


There are several things to do in Montana and if you plan on moving there you should do your research on the specific area you want to live in. A helpful thing to do is search for the popular cities in the state such as Kalispell and look up ‘what to do in Kalispell‘ to get a more accurate representation of what you will experience.

There are plenty of trails, museums, wildlife, and metropolitan areas to enjoy. Montana truly is the best of both worlds.

Still Plan on Moving to Montana?

Montana has a lot to offer and can provide a comfortable life for its residents. With a booming economy, fascinating origin story, and endless adventures, moving to Montana seems like a no brainer.

You might move out there for a brief stint and end up falling in love with the place and staying forever!

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