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No wonder, that nowadays the World Wide Web has become a significant part of our modern life. Moreover, we can use it not only for working or educational purposes, or for communication, or for shopping, but also for all sorts and kinds of entertainment.

According to the statistics, quite a big amount of users are fond of online games. Of course, they are not always choosing the casinos, because there are many other entertainment tools. However, we cannot argue that the number of gamers in online clubs is steadily growing every year. Let us learn the most fascinating facts about online clubs and the loyalty programs that such reliable organizations as SlotClub provide for their clients.

Some facts about online clubs

These establishments are relatively young in the market of online entertainment. However, over the last several years they became quite popular because one can stay at home and at the same time enjoy all the variety of games and fully immerse into the world of gaming.

Here are some interesting facts about online clubs:

• The first online club was opened in 1997. With the development of the World Wide Web, their number has increased, and now the amount of legally operating virtual gaming houses exceeds 2000.

• In an online club you can win a fairly large amount. For example, a resident of Finland managed to win 18 million euros in Mega Fortune.

• Some gamers are afraid to gamble online. For them, online lotteries have appeared in many casinos, which sometimes bring the casino up to 50% of the profit.

• Cyprus residents leave the most money in online clubs: 2.5 million euros per 800,000 inhabitants. At the same time, residents of Australia leave the most money in real casinos.

• The bulk of the players are not teenagers and youth, but people aged 30 to 40 years. They spend 3-5 hours a day in online clubs. At the same time, young people in their masses prefer non-gaming online games.

• Men are much more adventurous than women. About 84% of all players are representatives of the stronger sex. However, with the development of the feminist movement, the number of female players and women suffering from gaming has increased dramatically.

• Poker takes a leading position, overtaking even slot machines in popularity.

• Most online casinos are completely free to play and provide visitors with a wide range of rewards and bonuses as well as loyalty programs for regular clients.

• There is no guaranteed effective winning strategy. Any methods are aimed at minimizing losses in case of loss, but they do not guarantee victory.

• In many countries where online clubs officially operate, there are age restrictions. Somewhere it is 18 years old, somewhere – 21, and somewhere even teenagers can play in the casino.

The owners of these establishments try their best to give the clients the fullest satisfaction and emotions as in the land-based casinos. Therefore, online casinos gained popularity and many gamers prefer them to other ways of entertainment.

Loyalty programs in the online clubs

One of the main marketing tools for gaming services is the proper loyalty program, which aims to reasonably reward players. Such a tool for promoting the business is absolutely important in any industry.

A wide range of gaming entertainment allows services to update bonuses and free spins on an ongoing basis. Interest generates demand for a particular service, and in the case of an online club, the growth of new users is due to the quality of games and the number of bonuses. How the loyalty program is arranged and what bonuses give to the client – the Slotbox gaming entertainment brand service shares.

What is the SlotClub?

For all our visitors we have created a special and unique loyalty program. It consists of the points and coins that each registered visitor gets to his or her account. While playing with us, one can gradually reach one of the following levels:

  • after the first deposit – Silver;
  • 5,000 Points – Gold;
  • 20,000 Points – Platinum;
  • 100,000 Points – Diamond;
  • 500,000 Points – Emerald;
  • 2,500,000 Points – Ruby;
  • after special invitation – Black Diamond.

Each level is linked to the number of special rewards that can be given on it. Also, the prize is waiting for you just for the fact of the leveling up.

You can see the details of the loyalty program in the special section of the account. Here all the needed data is given. Gaming becomes much more interesting and breathtaking due to the presence of this system.

Points and Coins in the system

While gaming with the Slotbox, for each bet the visitor gets some number of points and coins. The purpose of these two items is different, but both of them are useful. As for the points they are obtained in the following way:

  • 2 points for €1 Bet in the case of Slots or Scratchcards.
  • 2 points for €20 Bet for the Table Games or Live Casino or Video Poker.

According to the amount of the collected points the leveling up occurs.

As for the coins, while you earn them they can be exchanged for bonus cash, free spins, and some other options:

• 2 coins are awarded for each €100 Bet on Slots or Scratchcards.

• 2 coins are given for the €1000 Bet on Table Games or Live Casino.

Moreover, we have some special offers and occasions when the visitors can get the bonus points or coins or multiply the existing amount. We always inform you about such promotions, so stay in touch!

Special rewards

Each of our clients has the opportunity to get a valuable reward or prize on every level. Among the most popular options are the next:

  • bonus cash;
  • free spins;
  • different rules for wagering;
  • birthday, weekly and anniversary presents;
  • higher speed or limits for the withdrawal;
  • unique events for VIP clients.

We regularly update the program and think about more possibilities to combine the gaming experience with the pleasure from the presents and rewards.

While gaming does not forget to visit the loyalty area of your account. In this section, you can find all the necessary information about your level, activity, and all the bonuses that can be used.

Furthermore, visit our Exchange page to get acknowledged with all the details about coins and how you can convert them into useful gaming tools.

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Why the loyalty program is profitable?

While you enjoy the playing process, we take care of your security and additionally provide you with the helpful tools:

  • After making the first deposit you become a part of the club.
  • Points and Coins are instantly earned for each bet.
  • According to the number of earned points, your level is determined. You gradually move up and get the special rewards through this process.
  • Helpful gaming options can be exchanged utilizing coins that are also automatically collected due to your playing process.
  • The higher you move through the existing levels the more interesting rewards and presents you can get.

In a nutshell, the modern world of online gaming is really fascinating. It is highly important to choose a reliable club that guarantees safety and security together with a huge variety of games and a positive gaming experience. When the club provides a loyalty program such as the Slotclub it makes the gaming even more fascinating and profitable.

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