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Breakups are always followed by a sense of loneliness and emptiness. And such symptoms are typical for most people. Unfortunately, men experience breakups more strongly than girls.

At such times, a man experiences discomfort, trying to fill the void deep inside. On the one hand, he harbors himself with hopes that all isn’t lost yet, and this is only a terrible accident. On the other hand, he understands that he needs to move forward, but he simply doesn’t have the strength to do so. And this is the most depressing state when everything becomes unimportant.

How to cope with a breakup

Typically, psychologists recommend occupying your mind with some bright and interesting activities. You need to find an object that will cloud your strong feelings and give you at least some time to relax. After a while, the feelings will cease to be so painful, and you’ll throw away the negative from your memory and idealize the image of your ex. As a result, you’ll have only positive memories. But this takes time.

Most guys choose the path of self-emptying, trying to distract themselves with alcohol. They intentionally turn their lives into suffering which lasts a considerable period of time. And some even get used to the feeling of loneliness and mistrust.

Others find the strength to start improving themselves: they learn something new, go to the gym, and so on. This solution is better in any situation. On the one hand, it forces you to act and forget about problems, on the other, you’re doing something useful for yourself.

However, breakups always cause stress, which destroys what’s left of a person’s mood. As a result, he locks himself inside a shell of grief and self-doubts and cuts almost all ties with other people.

What you should do right after a breakup

So, if you broke up with a girl, you need to take care of a couple of things.

Throw away all her stuff

The more of her belongings surround you – the longer memories will torment you. You need to get rid of these reminders of happy days which now have lost all meaning. You don’t need to throw away everything – just get rid of the most memorable items.

Delete her photos

If you don’t do this, you risk spending every evening suffering from nostalgia and a sense of loss, browsing through her old photos over and over again. And this is a direct path to depression and a loss of desire to start a new relationship. You’ll begin living in the past day and forget about the present.

Get a gym membership

There are only a few ways to cope with your aggression. And sport is the best of them. Gym, fishing, hunting, cycling – you can choose whatever you want, and it will definitely help.

Spend time with friends

Being in the company of friends, you’ll forget about your tragedy, and this is what will save you. So call your buddies and go explore the local bars.

Find a girlfriend

Instead of flirting with cute Ukrainian girls in dating apps, you should start a romantic relationship with another girl. You must feel what it’s like to have butterflies in your stomach. This is the best solution for coping with a breakup.

Play computer games

Games are a great way to get over a crisis situation. Psychologists believe that social activity in online games can speed up the rehabilitation process. Online communication with other people can also help overcome the pain of losing a partner.

What you shouldn’t do:
– Get drunk;
– Spend two months on your couch without leaving home;
– Avoid other girls;
– Try to ‘accidentally’ meet with your ex;
– Beat her new boyfriend.

As for everything else, you’re free to do whatever you want. You can even go for a walk with her friends if they don’t mind. Why not?

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