How to avoid stress when planning a wedding min How to avoid stress when planning a wedding min

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Whether you want a big lavish affair or a simple and small celebration, all the stress of plans and decision-making can catch up to you very quickly.

As you get further along with the planning and preparations, you may realize that the whole process can be very overwhelming & stressful. You need to juggle multiple tasks, coordinate with so many names and companies, talk to suppliers, think about the food, the flowers, and every little detail you want to be perfect. Ultimately, you might feel like a nervous wreck, and feel like you’re losing your sanity and neglecting your wellbeing.

Although most wedding planning is undoubtedly stressful, that doesn’t mean that your wedding planning experience has to be. This journey should be an uplifting and positive experience, and the good news is, that is possible; all the stress and anxiety that married couples tell you about their wedding planning experience can still be avoidable.

Below are some tips to help you avoid feeling stress during the wedding planning process, and help get your emotions back in check.

1. Have A To-Do List

One of the biggest reasons you might become easily stressed and overwhelmed with your wedding plans is that you simply lost track of the entire process. You may feel as if the tasks and decision-making are stacking up, which can leave you feeling anxious and panicky.

To avoid such a scenario, the first tip is to create a to-do list; fill this list with all the thoughts you have about what’s needed for your wedding plan. This will serve as your guide and checklist, and you can easily keep track of which tasks are complete, and which area you should focus on next. You can also include in your to-do list the names of suppliers who you’re planning to work with, for instance, list those suppliers who offer affordable wedding flower packages and schedule a date for when should you see them.

You can also set an alarm reminder on your phone about the dates on which you have appointments, so you’ll be confident that you won’t miss anything.

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2. Delegate Tasks

Wedding planning is not a one-person job, and it will never be.

While this may be your wedding day, this is also a celebration you share with your partner, family, and closest loved ones. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to do everything on your own, in fact, you might be surprised how many friends and family members you have that are willing to help you out.

Having help doesn’t necessarily mean that you hand over all the wedding planning tasks, but it’s best to delegate simple tasks and call for help when you feel you need it the most, for instance, if your friends are DIY enthusiasts, you can assign them to create DIY wedding props for your decorations. Not only have they now helped you save time and worry, but they also helped you save money in your budget.

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3. Be In Sync With The Timeline

Avoid being a procrastinator, as this will only make you suffer when the big day is closely approaching.

Leaving your tasks unfinished until a few weeks before your wedding day can make you feel anxious and deeply stressed, and you might end up making impulsive decisions and last-minute changes. Remember that the final few weeks before your wedding day should be relaxing, exciting and restful, thus, make sure that you’re following the timeline you have preplanned on your to-do list.

4. Don’t Forget Self-Care

This is probably the most important tip. Just because you’re busy with the wedding plans doesn’t mean you have to neglect your own wellbeing. Lack of self-care will only lead to burnout and emotional breakdowns, which can only make things worse. Ensure you set aside time for yourself and your personal needs such as sleep, exercise, or even a massage.

If you feel like you have no time for yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a wedding planner. The wedding planner can handle the rest of the planning as you take your day off and spend it doing something nice for yourself, this will be your time to recharge and reset your mind, encouraging you to approach the remainder of the wedding planning more optimistically.

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Plan Your Wedding Your Way!

Planning a wedding is a rare life event, so enjoy the process and keep it positive and stress-free with these helpful tips. If that pressure and those anxious feelings crawl their way back into your psyche, take a deep breath and remind yourself about what’s really important.

Your wedding day is not about having the fanciest and chicest party, it’s about your union with the love of your life, so plan your wedding your way and stay optimistic!

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