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The Kindest Kins

‘No matter how creepy your day is, there is always a happy face waiting for you back home.’

Yes, I am talking about dogs – ‘The Kindest Kins’ and this one is for all the dog Lovers out there and is a small attempt to melt the hearts of those who don’t like dogs.

So, whenever you ask a dog lover, he would say.. ‘He/she is my best friend who will never leave me alone.’ Well, that stands true because dogs are the most loyal pets alongwith the Horses. They won’t leave you alone, they just won’t until their last breath. 🙁

Right from the day he/she enters your life as a small pup, you care for him like a mother. It seems to be the cutest thing in the whole world. Then, it grows up and your love and affection seems to decline. You start leaving him on his ownself and he grows into a big ferocious being who will even give away his own life for your interest. Some dogs remain cute and lovely throughout like the Pug breed, they have a cute look which cannot scare anyone. Labradors and Alsatians grow up to be ferocious and become Protectors. Some other breeds like Pemerians and Dashand are also joyous and playful.

Talking further about the relationship we share with our pet dogs, it is like we would share with a fellow human being. We understand what it feels, what it wishes to say. We understand their feelings through their eyes. We make out what he wants through his actions and gestures. Many single children even talk their hearts out to their pet dogs! Many people consider them as their best friends because they are not like other people, their hearts are devoid of malice.

Dog's leg

(This is what I experience and share with my Pet Dog)

They grow up as we grow up and have a life span of max 15 years. When a pet dog dies, it leaves a blank space in the hearts of the family which raised it. The most closely associated are the children in the family who can’t keep themselves away from crying and mourning over the fact that their best friend is no more. But then, we have to move on in life. It is a practical move and most of us either don’t adopt a pet again or we always have a choice to raise a new one.

So, in the end I would just like to request each one of you to adopt and raise a dog. If you cannot adopt one at your home, you can always feed him outside your home.

P.S : This is my first hand experience being a dog owner from past 15 years, since I was 3 years old. The Bond is indeed a beautiful one 🙂

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