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In 2018, 857 bicyclists were killed in traffic-related accidents. Despite numerous bicycle safety measures, like bike paths, this number continues to rise every year.

A bike accident can occur to anyone, and it’s vital to prepare for the worst-case scenario, regardless of how well you follow every precaution. If you were recently in a bike accident or simply want to prepare, check out this helpful guide about how to handle them.

1. Assess and Seek Treatment for Your Injuries

Falling off a bike or getting hit by a car on a bike can cause significant injuries, so it’s important to handle these injuries as a priority. Before you do anything else, check your body thoroughly.

Take note of any scratches, road burns, or bone breaks you’ve experienced. If you’ve experienced major injuries, like a concussion, you must call 911 or try to get someone to call it for you.

2. Assess the Damage

Depending on the cause of the accident, you may experience extensive damage to your bicycle. Take some time to check the extent of the damage to your bike and take photos. These photos are handy for insurance purposes and may help you during a court case regarding the accident.

3. Wait for Police

Make sure you call the police as soon as possible after your crash and report your injuries. Wait for the police to arrive before moving your bicycle unless it’s blocking the road. If possible, try to recruit witnesses of the accident who are willing to give their own report to the police.

The police will file a report related to the accident, so this is your chance to describe the event to them in great detail. If another person caused the accident, the police might issue them a ticket.

4. Document What Happened

Be sure to record every detail of the accident while it’s fresh in your mind. Beyond a police report, take detailed notes about your injuries, the state of your bicycle, and the information of anyone else involved in the accident.

In addition to information from the accident, take some time to figure out the cost of your bike. This is especially important when filing a claim for bike damages. Consider the cost of care for your injuries and the deterioration of your bicycle accessories, too.

5. Seek a Bike Accident Lawyer

For accidents involving another party, it’s essential to get help from a bike accident lawyer. A cyclist lawyer will help defend you during your court case and ensure you get compensated for the cost of damages and injuries.

Cyclist lawyers are well-versed in the legal matters related to bike incidents. Their expertise will help you understand the claims you deserve, making them worth your time.

Moving on From Your Bike Accident

A bike accident is a traumatic experience that requires a significant amount of time to handle. After following these five guidelines, be sure to take extra time for self-recovery. Whether or not you were injured in your accident, you’ve gone through a lot and deserve a rest.

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