As parents, we know what it’s like trying to tear our kids away from video games and televisions for something more educational. To kids, “educational” is a bad word they want no part of. Well, good news. Newverest.com has found a way to make both kids and parents happy with their amazing scratch map for kids. These maps teach them about the world, only for a change they’ll actually want to learn.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s talk about what a scratch map actually is and isn’t. A scratch off travel map isn’t something you lay flat on a desk and set your coffee mug on. They’re way too nice for something like that. And a scratch map isn’t something you roll up, stick in your closet, and forget about until it’s time to go somewhere.

A scratch off map, like the kind sold at Newverest.com, is more like an interactive work of art that inspires you to get out and see the world. Kids will actually want to put down those remote controls and go outside to seek adventure. Who knew tearing your kids away from the TV was as simple as giving them a scratch off travel map they can actually touch and play with?

Every time you and your child visit a new place, your kid can scratch it off on their Newverest scratch map. The outer layer of any Newverest.com scratch off map is either a gold or silver foil. No, not the kind of foil you find in your kitchen drawer, this one’s much prettier and way more durable. It doesn’t even look like foil.

The foil easily scratches away with the scratch tool Newverest includes with every scratch off map. Don’t worry, the scratch tool’s not sharp, it’s totally kid-friendly. And while we’re talking about kid-friendly, every Newverest map is non-toxic. You won’t find any weird smells or chemicals here.

Easily get your kid involved with their scratch map by having them pick out all the places they’d like to visit. Mark them on the map and use their ideas to plan family vacations. Newverest.com makes two versions of their kid’s scratch off travel map—World and USA. Both editions come with a kid-friendly scratch tool, cleaning cloth, adhesive stickers so you can hang it, and 50 adorable animal cards that teach them something about the animals they might encounter when they visit a new place.

If you opt for the USA scratch off map, you’ll get one animal card for each state. The World scratch map comes with 50 cards for 50 of the most visited countries. Every card has a cute picture on one side and fun facts about the animal on the other. You can quiz your kids, or let them quiz you. Before you know it, your kids will be turning their noses up to video games and begging you to take them on a trip so they can see what new animals they can find, and what new adventures they can get into.

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