Housie on whatsapp group Housie on whatsapp group

In the time when we all are trapped in our own home, because of the corona outbreak. Then playing housie on whatsapp group is the best option to have fun with friends and family even without leaving home and following social distancing.

So how to play the party game such as housie at home, that’s what we discuss in this article. Sharing how you can play housie using WhatsApp group, and have fun from this compulsory vacation.

How to play WhatsApp Housie or WhatsApp Tambola online?

As a party game, housie or tombola are the common games that most family members and friends prefer to play, along with other card games. Though the game is exceptional fun for every party. But in the quarantine time where you have to maintain social distance, you can still play tambola/housie with your WhatsApp friends online.

But before understanding how to play, know who are the key role of the game. There are one host and other players required to enjoy the game fully.

Host- is the person who arranges a WhatsApp tambola game and creates a housie event. Whereas players are the participants who play the game. To make tambola real fun, there is a need to have at least three players. But the more players you have, the game is more fun to play.

Roles of Host:

1. Create a Whatsapp group.

2. Download the tambola app and generate tickets.

3. Creation of the game rules and conditions.

4. Generate and share the housie numbers.

5. Review and decide the winners.

Role of Players: 

1. Join the Whatsapp group

2. Pay the ticket price

3. Need to draw the ticket in paper before game start

4. Follow the game rules & conditions

5. Provide the tickets for review

Step by Step Guide of Playing Housie with Whatsapp 

1. Create a Whatsapp group, Invite friends

On the very first stage, hosts need to create the WhatsApp group solely for playing the tambola game. Then, the host invites the friends and members from his WhatsApp list and invites them to join the group. Make sure you invite only those who want to play the housie on Whatsapp.

2. Game Rules and Winning Prize

Housie can be played with multiple rules. And the host is responsible to decide upon which static rule of a particular game they are going to arrange. The game rules include, how to play the game and which are the conditions to decide the winners. Also, what will be the winning prize at the end of the game.

Example of Housie Prize list to follow:

  • 1st Line: 100 Rs
  • 2nd Line: 100 Rs
  • 3rd Line: 100 Rs
  • Early 7: 75 Rs
  • 4 Corner: 75 Rs
  • 1st Full Housie: 150 Rs
  • 2nd Full housie: 120 Rs
  • 3rd Full housie: 100 Rs
  • 4th Full housie: 80 Rs
  • Surprise: 100 Rs
  • Total: 1000 Rs

3. Game Conditions and Ticket Price

Once the winning amount and rules are decided, now the host will create the game conditions and ticket prices. Ticket price is an amount to pay by every participant to play the game. Along with game rules and conditions, the host needs to share the game-fee with the participants.

Most common house gameplays to follow:

  1. The host will share the screenshots of the tickets with ID in the Whatsapp group
  2. Players need to draw the ticket in a paper, with the given ID and own name for review at the end.
  3. The host will share the housie number in the group and that is randomly picked. That can be from an online number application.
  4. Players need to reply with “Yes” and inform as soon as they win the game, considering the game rules.
  5. Players also have to share the tickets photos at the end. So that host can review and declare the winner.

WhatsApp Housie Rules & Conditions to follow by each player:

  1. If there are two winners, then the winning amount will be shared equally.
  2. If the next number has been called and the players’ claim is for the previous number. Then that will not be taken as valid, and the ticket will be disqualified.
  3. No boogie or false call is allowed, if players found to do so, then he/she will be disqualified from the game.
  4. Before the game starts, players need to draw on a ticket on paper and be ready with it at playtime.
  5. Housie tickets’ prices are acceptable via Paytm or GooglePay, and players need to pay to get their own unique tambola ticket.

4. Tambola Tickets Generation

Tamola ticket generator

Next, the host will generate the tambola ticket from applications like Tambola king. Here the host can create the ticket for every player who has ordered and pay the amounts. Using the given app, the host will create separate tickets on a given number of, what players want.

5. Distribute the Tickets to Housie Players

Housie tickets

Once all players’ tickets are generated, then the host will share the unique tickets to every player respectively. Now the host can share screenshots of the relevant tickets, for participants to draw themselves. Or can share the link of the tickets of the respective players in the created Whatsapp group for housie.

6. Players, Be Ready with Tickets to Play the Game

Players ticket drawn

Once all the tickets are distributed then the game starts. in the game rules, the host also has to share the exact time the game starts. So that they can be prepared with their own tickets. Now every player has their own tickets and is informed with the game rules, so it’s time to play the game.

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7. Host, Generate Housie Numbers

Tambola generator

To generate the housie numbers, hosts can use any online tambola generator. Every number generated there will be shared on the WhatsApp group created for housie. The host can use a split-screen and screenshot of the new numbers to inform participants that these numbers are from the computer itself.

8. How does a host send numbers for Housie in WhatsApp:

Whatsapp house numbers

From every number generated from the app, the host will share with participants in WhatsApp group. And every player will tick, the given number likewise. Concerning the game rules, the players will inform the host about their numbers and sequence to their ticket in order of completion.

9. Review the Tickets

Tambola game

Image source: tambola king android app

The first players who have made-up the sequence and complete their own tickets board will inform the host. Also, share the photo of their tickets to review. Then the host will review the tickets and compare it with the conditions and picked numbers.

10. Winner of Whatsapp Housie

Housie winner

After a tally of received tickets that follow the game rules, the host shares the winner name in groups. It also transfers the decided prize to the winner via Paytm and UPI. The winning amount can be varied as per the game rules and amount decided on the first phase of the housie game.

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