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You can trace the first mechanical computer back to 1822. It was created by Charles Babbage and is much different than the computers we know and love today.

If you’re someone who is interested in the tech industry, you might be curious to learn about tech skills. While it can seem overwhelming to know what skills to learn for professional development, there’s hope.

This article will go over the top tech skills to learn in the modern age. Read on to explore these different skills that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Artificial Intelligence

You can find artificial intelligence everywhere, from a digital marketing agency to blogs online. AI is about robots that are supposed to act like humans. In order to be successful in AI, you’ll want to learn Python, Amazon Web Services, and C++.

You can also consider learning artificial intelligence for IT operations. It’s similar to DevOps but is for AI projects. It’s where machine learning and big data combine.

2. Data Science

Another option for IT skills is data and analytics. You can find plenty of options with professional services, banking, manufacturing, and the federal government.

Many companies are now adopting analytics in order to have great accuracy and decision-making for their business. If you choose data analysis instead of data science, it’s more of an entry-level skill.

3. Cloud Computing

Many companies are switching to cloud solutions instead of traditional service infrastructure. With this, you’ll find AI services being provided as well.

One of the top cloud service providers is Amazon Web Services. If you go into IT and have an AWS-certification, you’ll make more than those without that certification. You can also consider learning Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps, and Microsoft Azure.

4. Cybersecurity

Having secure networks online is important since they’re collecting sensitive information. Companies need to use databases in order to protect their customers’ information.

Many cybersecurity jobs are opening up due to this. You can take an assessment for network security, information security, cybersecurity, and vulnerability. You’ll also want to understand different programming languages.

5. Blockchain

Blockchain isn’t just for cryptocurrency, but for crowdfunding, file storage, digital voting, identity management, peer-to-peer payments, etc. You’ll want to understand smart contracts and blockchain in order to build decentralized applications.

Learn different programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, Solidity, Python, and C++. Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and IBM are developing blockchain services.

6. Networking

Moving into the coming years, networking and wireless is becoming popular. One of the top companies in wireless and networking technology is Cisco. Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells software, telecommunications, networking hardware, and other technology products and services.

7. Software Development

Software development is one of the top IT skills you’ll want to learn since these jobs are growing fast. This is due to the need for mobile phone apps and computer software.

Many companies state that their employees struggle most with mobile app development. Become certified in these skills, and you’ll more than likely be paid well, and be in demand.

Keep in mind that jobs use different programming languages, so it’s best to determine which language you enjoy working with most. Some jobs might use a combination of Javascript, Java, and Microsoft Azure, while others might only use Splunk.

8. Project Management

If you don’t have the soft skills necessary, it puts your team’s objective at a higher risk. In order to avoid this, project planning is vital. A project manager is who executes, communicates, and creates project strategies.

9. Data Engineering

While data engineering and data science are different, they’re both vital for the other to survive. If you’re in the U.S., this position is even better to get into since the demand in this area has increased. The average salary of a data engineer is $92,326.

10. Virtualization

Virtualization is important in order to increase IT agility, and reduce IT expenses. No matter what the size of a company is, virtualization is a key demand for many. Most companies already use it, and the ones who don’t are looking into adopting it.

11. Full-Stack Development

While full-stack isn’t a new skill, back-end, full-stack, and front-end developers are still sought out. Full-stack is one of the fastest-growing ranks in the U.S. Some coding skills you can learn include Django, Go, Python, JavaScript, React, and many others.

12. Robotics

If you have software engineering and hardware experience, then you can head into robotics. You’ll work with virtual and physical bots.

You can get into medical equipment, exploration robots, and entertainment animatronics. If you decide to become a robotics engineer, you’ll be able to adjust and operate robotic functions such as disaster recovery, healthcare, etc.

You’ll learn languages such as Python, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and visual basic. In order to go this route, you’ll need technical skills for architecture, development, and analysis. You’ll also need to understand Microsoft .NET Framework in order to build RPA platforms. Learning process mapping, communication, and business processes are important as well.

13. User Experience

User Experience and User interface are within the same family for tech skills. UX specialists use research and testing for elemental consideration. They determine how a user will interact with the app or web development.

Whereas, UI is about designing a user interface for websites and apps. They make sure that the website is free-flowing and easy to navigate. UX specialists work with UI designers in order to have the design meet the analytics.

UI is focused on visuals, layouts, and the feel of a website or physical product. UX specialists are more concerned about the analysis and user testing to meet the needs of their clients.

14. Building Chatbots

Going back to artificial intelligence, one of the top skills you can learn is how to build a chatbot. When you head to a website, they might have a chatbot pop up, and you can leave a message for when an associate isn’t available.

They’re popular since they can offer 24/7 services. They can handle administrative tasks, a higher volume of operations, and custom queries. There’s no human error involved either.

In order to learn how to create chatbots, you’ll need to learn machine learning, data mining, and natural language processing. Other skills to learn are Wit.ai or DialogFlow, JavaScript, Node.js Developer, or Node.js Skills.

15. TensorFlow

This is a software developed by Google that’s open-source. It acts as an AI library. It’s available for developers to create neural networks with many layers. You can create models with data flows.

Companies choose it for creation, predicting, perception, understanding, classification, and discovering. There are numerous tutorials and books out there for you to learn it.

16. Microsoft Azure

You can use Azure for managing apps, creating applications, and testing apps. You can create services and applications with any framework, language, or tool. It’s functional and cost-effective.

17. Linux

Linux is what forms the foundation of other software in computers. You’ll need to gain the Linux Professional Institute approval in order to show that you understand it. It has a high chance of becoming one of the top technical skills to learn.

18. Splunk

Splunk is used to mine large amounts of data. While humans can’t manage large amounts of analyzing, correlating, searching, indexing, monitoring, and developing reports, Splunk can. It can also be done in real-time.

19. Python

Python is in demand right now due to it being used for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. It’s versatile since it can be used in website development, scientific computing, machine learning, and gaming.

Some companies that use Python include NASA, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Dropbox. It’s one of the fastest-growing programming languages right now.

20. VR and AR

If you learn augmented reality and virtual reality together, it’s known as extended reality. You can find it in advertising, health, education, entertainment, advertising, and manufacturing. Consider learning how to use Unity which will help jobs seek you out.

21. IT Management

If you’re looking to learn computer skills that have to do with recovery efforts, then IT management is for you. You’ll be in charge of improving and managing IT teams. You can also consider starting your own business and offering IT solutions to different businesses as well.

Professional Development: The Top Skills To Learn

Now that you’ve explored some of the best tech skills to learn for professional development, you should have a better idea of which is right for you and your future. Would you like to read more tech content? For everything from certifications to tech, check out our other articles on our site today.

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