Why should you stop yourself from becoming a machine? Why should you stop yourself from becoming a machine?

Are Humans Beings Turning Into Nothing But Machines?

Today is a time, when I come from my classes I see my father talking on phones or busy on WhatsApp and my mother playing games in the electronic device. We are somewhere forgetting of being a Human! Where a human used to love to spend hours with family talking also relaxing on occasional picnics.

Tragically we are turning into a mundane body,which works 10 hours a day, lives a virtual world, then gathers the energy for the next day while sleeping. The goals are changing, from satisfactory, relaxed, contended living to a potent, ambition, pecuniary oriented living. Where it is important to achieve monthly goals than watching a football match goal with your friends.

We want everything better in our life. If we have a cycle, we want a bike; if we have a bike we want a small car; if we have a small car we want a luxurious car. We are losing satisfaction. We want to achieve our desires and goals even if it harms others.

Aren’t these signs proving the same thing? Yes, we are turning into somethings which is our own invention, ‘MACHINES’.
The masters are becoming slaves!

We are trying to follow something that follows our instructions. A machine works as per the data feed in it, until stopped without questioning.We no more question the thing of existence as our ancestors did.

We are forgetting that we are human who is made up of emotions, but we are turning into a machine who works on the other machine blindly with keeping our eyes open. Don’t keep your eyes just open, but observe, learn and grow!

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Think of a day when you will be obviated like these machines! When your energy or your capabilities are over, you will be thrown in the junkyard.

Turn into a Human again, before we are thrown away by our own inventions in the junkyard!!


Credits for Featured Image:- QZProd

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