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The pandemic changed the traveling habits of many, and now, more people are looking at a private jet for their next trip. A recent study showed private traveling searches increased 1100% last year. 

It’s not surprising that private transportation vs. public is more expensive. Yet, if you are like the many where private air travel cost outweighs the inconvenience of commercial, you will want to learn more. 

Keep reading for information about the benefits of private traveling. This guide gives you details on the cost of renting a private jet or even buying one.

Private Transportation Vs. Public

The adage “time is money” was never more apparent than with changes to commercial flying since the pandemic. Crowded airport terminals can become a distant memory by learning how to rent a private jet. Imagine the time you will save by arriving at your private jet only minutes from takeoff.

Yet, the benefits of private traveling don’t end with shorter boarding times. You go on your schedule with direct flights almost anywhere with a private jet. 

Of course, with developments from the recent pandemic, many put more importance on maintaining personal space. Private traveling allows you to stay in your safety bubble in a hygienic environment.

Private Air Travel Cost Breakdown

Short-distance flights in small aircraft can cost less than $3000 per hour. If you travel with a group of people, you can see how to rent a private jet that is cost-effective for everyone. Consider the cost savings when flying with a group of four to six people.

Larger aircraft that travel longer distances range from $500 to $6300 per hour. You can charter a small private jet for long hauls, but landing fees could increase the cost if you need to refuel along the journey. On the other hand, midsize jets increase capacity to nineteen passengers, so a five-hour flight across the country can become affordable for many fellow travelers.

How Much Does It Cost to Operate a Plane

Buying a private jet might be a better solution for frequent travelers. Yet whether buying used or new, there are other factors involved with owning an aircraft. For example, you will need to consider crew wages and the plane’s upkeep. 

Another alternative is private jet fractional ownership, which allows you to take on the investment with like-minded partners. Enjoy the benefits of ownership without worrying about managing your private air travel cost.

More Are Turning to Private Traveling Alternatives

Convenience, safety, and privacy have made private air travel cost more attractive recently. As a result, the gap between private transportation vs. public has widened in all those aspects. Now, you have more options to fly on a private jet with confidence. In addition, private traveling is also more accessible for groups wanting to travel together. 

Personal space and health precautions make chartering a private jet a worthwhile investment. And if this article provided an incentive to consider private traveling, come back to this site soon for more sound investment ideas.

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