Health benefits of archery Health benefits of archery

Archery requires precision, control, focus, physical ability, and determination, all of which strengthen the mind and muscle connection. The history of archery dates back to the Stone Age. It was later adopted by Ancient Egyptians for hunting and warfare. Archery to date is considered the most important military skill set. It has gained a lot of cinematic popularity through the infamous Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, and Lord of the Rings.

Archery was primarily used for hunting but now has started gaining popularity in many sporting contests including the Olympics. Even though archery is a stationary sport, highly skilled archers require attributes like, focus, coordination, patience, and confidence. These attributes train both body and mind, therefore making it an ideal sport for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the most significant health benefits that the sport of archery provides to its participants.

Strengthens Muscles

Archery is a sport that requires short bursts of energy from the core muscles. Drawing a bow puts tension in the chest, hands, arms, and large upper back muscles as well as non-core muscles like rotator cuffs. These muscle groups are kept under pressure for several seconds before the archer releases the bow to shoot the arrow.

Archery also strengthens the hand and finger flexibility as they are fully used while aiming at the target. Therefore, practicing regularly strengthens and develops these muscles.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination and Balance

According to Alex Knobloch from UberBows hand-eye coordination is an integral part of our daily activities.  Archers need to perfect their hand-eye coordination during their shot routine to deliver the perfect arrow. While aiming at the target the eyes provide feedback to the brain about the action being performed, the brain then tells the hand and core muscles to perform the shooting action.

Benefits of archery

Archery requires great decision-making skills, perception of distance, and reaction time for the archer to hit the target flawlessly. These skills come with constant repetition.

For paramount success in archery, the archer must have a commendable balance. It is absolutely vital that the body is stationary while making the shot. With constant determination, practice, and patience the core gains control of the body’s balance, therefore, resulting in a more accurate shot.

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Increased Focus

When aiming for the target it is essential for the archers to tune out all distractions and focus on their form to ensure consistency and improved performance. The archer requires laser concentration and great multitasking skills in order to hit the bull’s eye. These qualities provide an added benefit in your routine life activities.

The ability to focus without being distracted helps archers deal with high-pressure situations expertly without taking any stress. This trait does not develop overnight but only comes through constant training and the determination to get better.

Mental Impact

Archery is a form of meditation. Many archers find peace and tranquillity while shooting their arrows.  Studies have shown that archery plays a significant role in a person’s psychological health by decreasing the symptoms of stress. It is a relaxing sport as you need to stay calm and focus on the target. It also increases your confidence level every time you hit your target.

Archery is a wonderful year-round family sport as it bears no restriction to age and gender. Family time is always relaxing and makes room for some healthy and fun competition.

Stress plays a significant role in causing high blood pressure, fatal heart diseases, obesity, and even diabetes. Thus, archery keeps a person mentally happy and fit by preventing several health issues.

Good Cardiovascular Exercise

Archery offers a great way to improve your cardiovascular system. The strength required to shoot a bow elevates your heart rate, helping you burn calories. Even though archery is mostly a stationary sport it still involves walking to the target board to retrieve the arrows.

It has been estimated that archers who practice the sport religiously walk about 4-5 miles every day, burning a minimum of 150 calories. These physical exertions pump up the body’s cardiovascular system helping you burn calories in an enjoyable manner.

Archery health benefits

There are many different types of target archery which involve more exercise. For example, those who are interested in bow hunting have a much more strenuous exercise routine as they have to travel from one hunting destination to another to find their desired prey.

The heart is made of vital muscles and there is no better way than archery to strengthen them.

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Focusing on a Healthy Lifestyle

The best way to focus and improve your health is by joining a fitness regime that you enjoy. Archery is a year-round sport that isn’t restricted to age, gender, or disabilities. It is a wonderful sport for socializing and relieving stress. You can even practice your bow and arrow skills in your backyard.

Archery is not only stimulating but it also conditions you physically and mentally. If you are looking for a sport that strengthens your body and boosts your confidence then you should definitely give archery a shot.

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