4 Common Causes of Male Pattern Baldness in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a highly-populated metropolitan city. It’s a diverse city with over 140 cultures and 224 spoken languages. It’s situated in a large basin with the Pacific Ocean on one side and high mountains on the other side.

Los Angeles is a magnet for people who adore the fashion industry, film, T.V., and music industries. Many try their best to enter their dream job and make a big break or perhaps gain their very own Hollywood star in this city.

This is why it’s no surprise that career-minded people take excellent care of their appearances. Celebrities, business people, newscasters, or actors must always look professional when at work. That includes their clothing, shoes, and hair.

Excessive Hair Loss in Men

Unfortunately, a number of men experience common hair loss or male pattern baldness in Los Angeles. It’s also the reason why you can find many hair regrowth treatment for men los angeles ca, which aim to help men resolve their hair problems.

They have the best hair regrowth treatment for men that Los Angeles CA can offer. The treatments that are offered aid in solving hair loss problems caused by:

  1. Pharmaceuticals. Some anticoagulants and a lot of chemotherapy medicines are well recognized for the loss of hair. Usually, the hair returns when the usage of the drug ends. Some antidepressants may also lead to hair loss, and excessive vitamin A can have the same impact.
  2. Imbalances of the hormones. Testosterone is a hormone commonly found in men. Testosterone is accountable for deeper voices, muscle development, and sex drive. You can encounter hair loss if your body transforms alcohol to the least helpful dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT assaults hair follicles and reduces them and can cause hair dilution or hair loss.
  3. Issues related to thyroid. Hyperthyroidism in patients often leads to hair loss because the testosterone converts to DHT more quickly. Even individuals who experience thyroid therapy are not immune to hair loss.
  4. Too much stress. You might be prepared to blame your hair loss on stress if you were under a lot of pressure at home or at work. Excessive physical or mental stress can lead to hair failing to grow at the usual speeds.

Treatment for Baldness

Before undergoing treatment, it’s best to have your hair checked by a professional first. A doctor or specialist will offer options that will suit your specific condition.

Hanging onto your hair is more straightforward than changing it once it’s gone. However, be cautious when exploring your alternatives. Here are two of the most common hair loss treatments in LA:

  • Hair Transplant. A physician can transform your head back to its glory days. You may have to do it a few times before it works, and the process can be costly. You will throw away most of what the physician has done within two months, but the current threads will develop at home. Within six months, it will look as natural as the day you were born.
  • The Minoxidil therapy you use for your skin is FDA-approved and be purchased over-the-counter. It slows down the speed of loss and enables some people to grow new hair. However, once you stop, the hair loss will return.

It might feel like you’re losing a part of your identity if you’re beginning to show signs of balding. Understanding the reason for your hair decline will help you decide whether you have the correct therapy alternatives and whether the therapy is working or not.

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