Does (S)he Love Me?

Does she or he love me

is one of the most commonly asked questions during a tarot reading.

Since most of us have often found ourselves in such a predicament where we weren’t sure what our partner’s true feelings towards us were, we’ll go over some of the main benefits of getting a love tarot reading in order to determine whether your partner, love interest or crush is in love with you or not.

Can the tarot be used to

Predict if Someone is in Love With You?

Although many use the tarot to get answers to difficult questions that have been preoccupying their mind, getting an answer to this particular question can sometimes be a bit challenging.

Here’s why that is.

First of all, not everyone has the same definition of love. Not everyone feels and experiences it the same way as well. That’s why, although the cards may show that a person is in love with you, their definition of love may be different than yours, they may also be in love with someone else in addition to you, or they might love you only in a platonic way.

These are all possible outcomes to this type of reading and should be taken into account so you don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t turn out exactly as you imagined it.

Here’s how a typical reading of this kind might go:

How Does a Love Tarot Reading Work?

While many of us have wondered whether or not a loved one reciprocates our feelings, not everyone decides to consult a tarot reader to get the answer. You can avail a free tarot reading at Psychic Guild which will help you know what your loved one feels about you.

Here’s how a professional tarot reader approaches such questions.

First off, they try to think about the reason a client wants to find out their partner’s or loved one’s true feeling towards them.

Next, they try to find out more about their client’s feelings as well, in order to figure out why they were having doubts in the first place.

And finally, they ask their client to rephrase their question so it’s more specific, depending on what exactly they want to find about their loved one.

Here’s what you can expect to get from such tarot readings:

  • A better understanding of you and your partner’s relationship
  • A closer look and examination over both yours and your partner’s intentions
  • A in depth look into your relationship and its future
  • An answer to most of the questions and doubts you had about your relationship and more

Sometimes during a love tarot reading, the reader might notice that the fear and insecurities seeded in the client are simply just that – fear and insecurities. They don’t have to indicate that their love is not reciprocated or that their partner isn’t on the same page as them.They can simply mean that the client needs to address the root cause of their fear and work on learning how to build trust with their partner and loved ones in order to get over whatever it is that’s causing them to stress and worry.

What If You Get the Wrong Answer?

With almost all type of readings there’s always a chance that something can be misinterpreted or presented a different way than it is in reality. The same is possible in this case as well.

As we mentioned before, because we’re talking about a very complex emotion, when it comes to love readings, it may sometimes be difficult to interpret someone’s true feelings or their true intentions.

That’s mainly because we all see and interpret this emotion in a different way, and these types of experiences are very unique and often felt differently by people.

Should You Get a Love Tarot Reading?

Although, as we mentioned before, all relationships are different and have different dynamics, which is due to the fact that we’re all different and not all of us experience love the same way.

Taking this into account, if you’re having doubts about your partner or your crush, and want to know for sure if they reciprocate your feelings, a love tarot reading is definitely the right choice for you.

A professional tarot reader will be able to give you clarity and advice on your current situation and will be able to finally shed some light on your relationship and your partner’s feelings towards you. Just remember that not all insecurities indicate that there’s something wrong with your relationship. Therefore, before you start examining your relationship, don’t be so quick to dismiss the fact that those insecurities may sometimes say more about you than your partner.

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