If the summers in the Tampa Bay area are beginning to feel unbearable, you might be considering installing a pool or renovating your current yard so you can enjoy the warmth of summer more comfortably.

If you have pets or children, however, a significant concern may be how to protect them while still enjoying the summer weather. To help ease your mind, we’ve collected a list of things to consider before purchasing a new pool.

1. You may want to invest in a pool net

Made with heavy-duty, 4mm-thick polyethylene, pool nets have UV stabilization so they won’t fade or shrink with the use or exposed to stormy weather. Marine-grade stainless steel clips hold the net tightly while a series of pulleys and rachets make them easy for adults to remove when it’s time for the next outdoor party.

2. Consider purchasing a safety cover

Safety covers often come in a range of fabrics and colors to match your style, and sometimes, you can even find covers that are custom made, so they’re guaranteed to fit your style and your pool. (Just ensure that your cover meets or exceeds ASTM standards.)

A high-quality cover, for example, will feature double webbing and triple-stitched threads that bend with the decking. As an additional peace of mind, you should opt for a cover that offers some type of warranty.

3. Upgrade to an automatic pool safety cover

You may find you’re not using your existing pool cover because it’s just not worth the frustration. If you want to skip the hassle of removing and re-applying a pool cover, which is often too hard for one person to do alone, an automatic safety pool cover is the best option for you—just the push of a button and within minutes the pool is ready for use.

What’s more? Many automatic covers come with a touchpad and wireless controls to keep your pets and small children safe.

4. Invest in a pool fence, just in case

A more permanent option for protecting your family is to install a swimming pool fence. The fences from Pool Guard, for example, are made with the most durable protection with little to no maintenance and include a limited lifetime warranty. Placed every 36 inches and made with a see-thru mesh and available in black, desert bronze, or beige, these fences ensure security and strength.

Poles are also available in a series of colors to match your outdoor living space. Have complete control of the safety of your small children with childproof safety latches that will not corrode or rust over the years or weather. You have the option to choose between 48” or 60” fence height.

5. Choose the right contractor

If you’re looking for a pool contractor in your area, it’s easy! Just Google: “pool companies Tampa“, and a list of qualified options should come up. Olympus, for example, is known for its amazing customer service and ability to elevate your outdoor living space with a new pool.

This pool contractor builds beautiful custom pools with water features like a waterfall to make a unique yard that’s perfect for spending hot, muggy days. Upgrade your experience with a backyard remodel that includes an outdoor kitchen and a hot tub. With years of experience and offering the highest quality, you can trust Olympus to do an excellent job building your dream outdoor living space.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of installing an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, there are always outside issues to consider. Hopefully, this shortlist will help you make an informed decision.

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