Online stores from which to buy your lockdown supplies Online stores from which to buy your lockdown supplies

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of disruptions, especially when it comes to how people acquire some of the commodities they need daily. However, with local stores remaining closed and the lockdown continuing to persist, the only direction that seems to have some ray of hope is online shopping.

The good news about all these is that many online stores have stepped up, trying to offer services in the fastest way possible. Also, you will get great deals plus popular brands for less as stores try to look supportive amid the crisis.Here sharing some of the stores that are still delivering during the lockdown.

List of Online Stores to Buy Lockdown Supplies

1. Amazon

Amazon is an international store with several online shopping options. From books to clothes, electric appliances and kitchenware, you will find almost everything you need on one site. Amazon is very localized meaning that no matter which country you reside, you can find their site relevant. Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon UAE are some of the localized sites you will find under the company.

Many commodities on Amazon currently have discounts or if you can, try finding an amazon discount coupon online to make your shopping more budget-friendly. Also, try out Amazon fresh and Amazon pantry for fresh foods and groceries.

2. Wickes

Wickes was named as one of the stores that offer essential supplies by the UK government. The store thus opened six of its centers to test its services since the 30th of April. Since they opened, demand has gone up forcing its website to experience some delays.

However, you can get great deals off-peak hours and try to order early since many people are trying as much as possible to get as much as they can. According to the store’s administration, early means as early as two weeks, especially for home deliveries.

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3. Wilko

Wilko shops remained open for a long time even after the lockdown since they sell essential products. Some of their commodities include over the counter medicine, hygiene and cleaning products, baby care, pet food and home maintenance. However, the shops close at 5 pm to give time for the staff to clean the store and replenish stock.

You can do online shopping at Wilko as long as you order between 8 am and 8 pm within the five days of the week. Your order will be delivered within ten working days. Next-day delivery services are currently on halt because of the rise in demand.

4. UberEATS

Although most restaurants are closed, you can still get a good taste on some of the delicious fast foods that you love thanks to UberEats. You can visit their website to see local restaurants that can deliver to your doorstep using the service. Also, get a discount coupon to lower the total costs or voucher codes to gift friends and family during this corona times.

Just like other delivery services, make sure you make your order early enough, especially if you want the same day deliveries.

5. Screwfix

Anyone can pick up essentials from Screwfix with over 200,000 options on their official site. However, it is hard to tell which of the products are termed as essential since there are no labels for that. All you need to do is shop online, key in your coupon code if you have one and buy then choose collect orders.

You can also order home deliveries at around $6 for next day deliveries. This is for items bought under $60. For things that cost more than $60, delivery is free up to 4 pm the next day. However, there are no premium delivery services at the moment.

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6. Homebase

In line with B&Q, Homebase decided to open all its 164 stores in the UK. This is after 20 of the stores went through service trials. By 29th of April, 50 of the stores were already open for business. Homebase insists that they will continue to maintain stated regulations to keep their workers and customers safe. Their online stores have been running as usual, and you can get wallpapers, beddings and other home necessities by shopping online.

Home deliveries are going on as well, though delays are inevitable as of now. You will incur $7 for next day deliveries, but you can always look for an online coupon to cut your expenses.

7. Morrisons

Morrisons has a good reputation for offering quality products such as fresh fruits and meat. You can even get affordable clothes on their site plus school uniforms as low as $4. However, with demands spiking, you will likely find some essentials out of stock now and then. The most affected commodities are toilet papers and antibacterial wipes.

$50 is the minimum shopping amount though delivery costs go as low as 99p. Also, you can get delivery passes for regular customers to help cut down costs. Morrisons cares about the environment, thus making most of its services environmentally friendly like not using plastics. Coupon deals may not be frequent for this online store, but you can get amazing discounts on selected items.

8. Iceland

This is another excellent place to shop for the pantry. Prices are quite affordable with a section available for $2 items and less. Frozen foods are quite popular in this season since many people are thinking of storing as much as they can. You can get fresh and frozen foods on Iceland together with other household items.

Next day delivery services are free for shopping above $40. However, since home delivery demands are relatively high, only the elderly and people in mandatory quarantine can make use of home deliveries. The rest are encouraged to pick their orders within working hours. Do not forget to add a coupon code or voucher codes in case you have them when shopping in Iceland.

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As you can note from the stores above, one needs to be very mindful of when they place their orders since demand has sky-rocketed. Luckily, you can get most brands for less by shopping online and using coupon deals to get better prices. Finding an online coupon is not hard since most sites offer them on a loyalty basis. Finally, remember to stay safe as you shop online for what you essentially need.

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