TrendingUS - 12 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Workout

12 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Workout

It’s not a secret, and it’s not something new that an efficient workout starts with the correct ration. Is it bad to eat before a workout? Not at all. The question rather is what to eat, what to avoid and what to dose. While we are working on your assignment, take a look at these prohibited products. Regardless of whether you would like to lose weight or to build a muscle relief, there are foods you should not eat while workout.

TrendingUS - 12 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Workout

So, here is My prohibition list of foods while working out:

1. High-fat dairy products

TrendingUS - 12 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Workout

Milk products support our body with calcium, crucial for a training person magnesium, with protein and vitamins of group B plus vitamin A, D, E. But the saturated fat that contains in high-fat dairy accumulates under the skin and in the internal organs disrupting their functioning. This does not make such components a work out food.

2. Sausage products

Meat is the best source of protein, which contains, among the others, zinc, and iron to support muscles, add energy and conquer tiredness. However, a sausage is not just meat. It is also a saturated fat that causes accumulation of cholesterol plaques in the arteries and leads to blood condensation.

3. Fried nuts

TrendingUS - 12 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Workout

Nuts contain the unsaturated acid that helps our body to get rid of cholesterol. But the fried product contains trans-fats that re-build our cells and make them unarmed in front of viruses and bacteria.

4. Cooled fish

It is hard to underestimate the importance of fish on our table. However, the semi-finished product is full of trans-fat. They accumulate in the organs and, transforming the cell, can cause heavy pathologies and hormone misbalance. These are foods to avoid while workout.

5. Packed juice

A package of juice is a tasty source of vitamins is and, at the same time, a simple carbohydrate. Simple carbohydrates instantly get to the blood, irritate pancreas and stimulates insulin production. A small portion of them are used by our body for muscle operation, but the rest is transformed into fat.

6. Yogurt with fruit filling

TrendingUS - 12 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Workout

You would not believe what not to eat while working out – a yogurt. While yogurt itself has a revitalizing power for heart, bones, and vessels, the one with fruit filling contains nutritional supplements. These are chemical substances, xenobiotics that burden our liver, kidneys, and pancreas.  This may be too much for a body already loaded with a workout.

7. Hard spicy cheese

Cheese is one of the most important milk products. Beauty and health start with amino acids like methionine, lysine or tryptophan. Hard spicy cheese, however, contains too much salt. Too much salt narrows our vessels so that the oxygen and nutrients could not be transported without hindrance.

8. Protein bars

TrendingUS - 12 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Workout

Protein is used by our body to build muscles. From this point of view, a bar is convenient to use after the training or on the go. However, one must carefully read the ingredients of the product. How much protein is in the bar compare to sugar? Does your protein bar differ from an ordinary chocolate?

9. Weight loss supplements

To make the training more efficient, people try to do several things in parallel. A chosen set of exercises is followed by the combination of food for workout and is often supplemented by the weight loss pills. Supplements like multivitamins, iron or calcium have proved to be very helpful in dieting. However the preliminary researches also show that out of 169 products that were suspected to be potentially harmful, 107 had at least one chemical prohibited in sports, and it was not indicated clearly on the label. As far as the legal side of the problem is not yet settled, the Food and Drug Administration warns the users about health risks connected to supplements.


10. Broccoli

Our body needs fiber to lower cholesterol, control the glucose in our blood and to transport waste through our intestines softly. What is peculiar about fiber is that it is never absorbed or digests inside us. Fiber that makes a substantial part of broccoli, for example, lies in the stomach for a long time before it is transported further. The blood comes to stomach causing heavy feeling while workout, or even causes the stomach spasm. I wouldn’t call the fiber containing products as foods to avoid, but this is a restriction during the workout.

11. Rice cakes

TrendingUS - 12 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat While Workout

The rice cakes and similar bread are popular because of their low calories. Usually, it is the main target of a trainee, to lower the caloric content of their food as much as possible. But, in order to produce energy, our body needs the carbohydrates. But the rice cakes do not give you any nutrition – they do not have fat or fiber, sufficient level of vitamins or minerals. Keeping in mind that this product has a glycemic index of 82 out of 100 may make you feel worried about your blood sugar. If you put it in your foods to never eat list, I would not object.

12. Dried fruits

According to the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion, the dried fruits are almost identical regarding nutrition with the fresh product. However, a lot of producers add sulfur dioxide as a preservative and saccharine for market attractiveness. One more danger is that it is so easy to overeat this dense energy food.

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