How to trim your beard for the first time How to trim your beard for the first time

Were you impatiently or patiently waiting for your beard to grow? Now that it has finally arrived, you are a bit concerned about your face.

You might be wondering that there is a little too much hair here and there, and you need some trimming. Moreover, in these awkward growth stages, a little pruning will keep your grooming game spot-on. Plus, a little goes a long way.

This lockdown is a great opportunity for you to experiment. You can decide which style you want to go for – a short beard or a stubble look.

However, if the beard trimming is completely foreign for your brain cells, don’t fret! It is not as complicated as you think it is.

Our tips will demonstrate to you how to trim your beard like a pro. Plus, you won’t have to compromise on your beard’s burgeoning glory!

Grooming Tools and Products You Will be Needing

A successful beard trimming requires grooming tools and products. These are the following things that will come in handy.

Beard Balm

If you are planning to trim, make sure that your beard is clean. You have to make a bit more effort, instead of splashing water.

The best way to thoroughly clean your serious scruff is to apply beard balm. Moreover, the trimming becomes more conducive, it reduces dandruff and itchiness, and the hair appears to be much softer after you use this product.

If we talk about the application, it is relatively easy. Take a quarter-sized amount in your palm and rub it in between your hands to warm it up a little a bit. Now apply it in the downward motion.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is deemed as a quintessential accessory to keep that bushy glory on point. It prevents facial hair from becoming dry, and it makes them healthy, smooth, and silky.

Furthermore, it conditions your beard and helps it to look luscious.

Beard Comb

A beard comb is another essential accessory that is a must-have. A comb will help you trim your facial hair in two ways.

  • It will straighten out your hair; thus, it will save trimmer from running into any entanglements.
  • You can use the beard comb as a guide to precisely trim your beard.

If you think that you will work it out with your regular comb, you might be wrong there. The beard comb is designed to tackle the facial hair follicles because of its unique positioning of bristles.

Beard Trimmers

Beard trimmers or high-grade electric clippers are one the best beard shaping tools available. It will elevate your grooming routine and will trim your beard with precision.

Moreover, these beard trimmers are like workhorses. They trim off the beard pretty quickly; therefore, remember to start slow when you begin trimming.

Beard Scissor

A scissor is generally helpful for detailing. It allows you to trim more precisely. To save yourself from mistakes, you can use the scissor to trim the facial hair off one at a time.

Since you are aware of the grooming products and tools you need, follow the straightforward steps to maintain your facial hair:

How to Trim a Beard?

1. Clean Your Beard

If you aim for a perfectly trimmed beard, you might want to wash your beard first. Since the skin is relatively different from the scalp, it is better to use a beard shampoo.

Now, to soften that facial hair a bit more, use a beard balm. By doing this step, it will make the next steps easier to achieve.

2. Comb That Facial Hair

Once the beard dries out, comb the hair against the grain. This brushing technique will stick the hair up; thus, making it easier for you to trim, and will help you focus on any length inconsistencies.

3. Get Your Trimmer Ready!

Now trim your beard according to the preferred choice. If you want to maintain the length, it is better to go for the number-four setting.

However, if you are not sure, choose a bigger clip to prevent yourself from cutting your hair too short.

Moreover, there are several beard shapes and styles, but the universally flattering style is the one in which you leave your hair a tad bit longer around the chin area, and the hair is shorter from the sides.

If we talk about trimmer clips, it is better to use the number-three setting around the sides and go for the number four or a five-setting once you reach the goatee area to create this look.

In short, use a small clip when you are starting and switch to a bigger guard as you are working your way down.

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4. Trimming Cheek Lines

Use a smaller clip when you are trimming the cheek lines because you want it to look natural and keep it high. You only want to trim away the rogue hair that grows higher than the beard’s bulk.

Keep in mind that this line will join the sideburn to your mustache’s top.

5. What About the Mustache?

Mustache usually has dense hair growth, and you have to keep it short, like the hair on sideburns and cheeks.

After trimming the hair with the beard trimmer, comb your hair down over the lip. You want to prune all those hair that hangs off the upper lip. For this, a pair of beard scissors is all you need to get the job done.

6. Trimming Neck Line

The one mistake guys make when they are trimming for the first time is that they trim too close to the jawline. This mistake gives the effect as if you have a double chin, even if you do not have one.

You want to prune your facial hair where the head connects to the neck, and it does not matter whether you have a long, medium, or short beard.

Therefore, you want to start trimming above your Adam’s apple. These hairs on the neck will act as your beard’s foundation, and when they eventually grow out, they will give you a luscious, nice beard.

7. Apply Beard Oil

To moisturize your facial hair, finish off this pruning process by applying beard oil. Then, with the beard comb, spread the oil evenly and put your facial hair back in its place.

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Ending Note

Voila! These are all the steps that you have to follow to prune your beard perfectly. It seems quite intimidating when you can not redo your mistakes.

But when you break everything down, the whole process seems easier. All you need are a few grooming essentials and a beard trimmer.

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