Sister’s birthday wishes and messages Sister’s birthday wishes and messages

If your lovely sister’s birthday is coming and you’re looking for the best way to wish her, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share the best happy birthday wishes for your sister, informing her how excited you are on this special day of her life. 

Whether you have a cute little sister or a caring elder sister, we got everything that you need to share your birthday wishes with your sister the perfect way. Moreover, we will also share some funny, short, and special birthday wishes to make this day memorable overall. 

Happy Birthday Messages & Wishes for Sister

To begin with, let’s start with some simple yet good collections of birthday wishes for sisters. Such wishes and text messages are great indeed to let her know that this day is special for you, as well. 

Happy birthday wishes for sister

  1. A very happy birthday to you, my dear sister. I hope you achieve all your dreams and get everything you wish for. 
  2. I’m really glad that I have a sister like you. On this special day of your life, I’m sending my best wishes and blessings to you. 
  3. Have an awesome birthday, my sister. Enjoy this special day and make it a great day indeed. 
  4. More and more new opportunities, desired successes, and great achievements are waiting for you. So keep going, My sister. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. 
  5. You have done so much for us and we are so proud of you. Here I’m wishing you a great birthday. 
  6. I can’t imagine anyone else in your place. You are such a special person not only to me but to our family and we are really so happy for you. Happy birthday!
  7. Well, I haven’t shared this with you before, but I truly admire you because you are such a great sister to me who is always there for me, supporting and cheering me up for me. May this new year of your life bring you as many great moments to celebrate and to be happy. 
  8. You are actually an inspiration for me. I have learned so many things from you. Wishing you a very very happy birthday, and stay blessed. 
  9. When you are with me nothing stays regular or boring. You are a special person to me and on this special day of your life, I share my all best wishes for your happiness and future progress. 
  10. Happy birthday, my lovely sister. It’s all because of you… my life has so many memories and great moments that I like to relive again and over again. 
  11. Happiest birthday, dearest sister and my shield against the world; you landed today to save me from dad.

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Funny Birthday Wishes and Messages for Sister

Here we’re present funny messages and birthday wishes that you can share with your sister to make her laugh. She gives you all the greatest moments in life to enjoy and smile, so now it’s your time to pay back with some cute and funny brotherly wishes for your lovely sister in your style. 

Funny birthday wishes for sister

  1. We know how often we fight with each other, but still, I will always prefer you to be my sister. Because nobody can equal our connection, ever. Happy birthday to you. 
  2. Together we are not the perfect siblings, but who cares. I like you whatever you are. Just never change, my sis. And have an awesome birthday party ahead. 
  3. From sharing the birthday cake to sharing our life problems, we just forget how fast we grow up. I hope we can enjoy those memories again and again. Have a wonderful birthday to you, sis. 
  4. I hate to see you getting older, but I’m glad that you are also getting wiser and braver. I am so happy for you, you are great. Enjoy your day. 
  5. Well, we might not be good as sisters and brothers, but we are great friends. So happy for you, my dear sister. Have a great birthday.  
  6. We may come here on earth as sisters, but we choose to become a bestie. And I think this one suits us the best. Have a great birthday, my sister from the same mother. 
  7. While everyone keeps saying that their sister is the best on the planet, they simply have no idea how great my sister is. Forget them, my sister… You are awesome. 
  8. My life would definitely be miserable if I didn’t have a brilliant sister like you who is always there to help me with my homework to save me from our parents. Love you sister, and have a wonderful birthday celebration. 
  9. All thanks to you my life is not that boring as my friends have. We had an amazing childhood together and the best times of our life. On this special day here I’m sharing my heartfelt wishes to you, sister.  
  10. On your birthday all I want for you is to achieve all your dreams and reach the top, where you always wanted to be. Happy Birthday, my lovely sister. 
  11. Thank you for listening to my boring stories. I know I never appreciate your efforts, but today on your birthday, I want to wish and thank you for everything you did. 

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Birthday Wishes for Little Sister 

Having a younger sister is a different experience; you may fight a lot when you are young and just kids. But as you both grow, your responsibility to her also grows as a big brother. And if it’s your little sister’s birthday, then here are the perfect birthday wishes to make her day. 

Birthday wishes for little sister 

  1. No matter whatever you do or do nothing at all, you will always be my lovely sister, like you were before. Wishing you a cute happy birthday to you, sis. 
  2. Seeing you grow that fast really scares me, but I’m glad that you haven’t changed a bit all these years. A very happy birthday to you my lil sister.
  3. I will consider you as a wonderful addition to our family, you really give us so many precious memories to live by. Happy birthday!
  4. You are the best, my little sister. Have a great birthday and I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest. 
  5. Feeling so lucky to have such an amazing sister at home waiting for me. On your birthday, here I’m sharing my birthday blessings for you. 
  6. We are really proud of you for the way you become mature all these years and start taking life decisions on your own. Wishing you a very happy birthday to my lovely little sister. 
  7. Whatever you do, you make us happy for you. You can always count on me, I will be there for you. Happy birthday to you, lil sis. 
  8. Best wishes to you dear sister. You are smart, strong, intelligent and above all a genuine person. Keep being yourself and never give up. 
  9. Dear lil sister, I’m very happy to see that you are growing up and becoming mature each year. Happy birthday and enjoy this day to make this great one. 
  10. Even though you are my younger sister to me, there are so many things that I get to learn from you. You are the cutest sister and the one who is filled with confidence. Have a great birthday to you, my dear sis. 

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Elder Sister’s Birthday Wishes and Messages

Now it’s time to share your birthday blessings, messages, and wishes for your elder sister, who is your guide and genuine supporter after your parents. Take the ideas from the given list of birthday wishes and share them with your big sister on her special day. 

Elder sister’s birthday wishes and messages

  1. I really appreciate everything that you did for me and for our family, happy birthday my dear sis. My best wishes that you achieve everything that you want to. 
  2. We are so proud of you that you fill our hearts with great memories and our home with your presence. You are such a lovely person, sister. Happy birthday!
  3. I know that every time you share your advice I haven’t listened to you, but all such advice and your words now make sense to me. Now I realize how much you love me. I wish you a very happy birthday, you’re the best sister that I can ever have. 
  4. You are my personal motivator, inspiration, and guide. Thank you for always being there alongside me and on this special day of your life, I am here sharing my greatest birthday wishes to you. 
  5. You are the only reason why I learned to stay focused and work so hard. So proud of you sister, have a great birthday and enjoy this special day, the best way. 
  6. Every time I look at you, I feel like I’m the luckiest brother to have such an amazing, lovely, and smart sister like you. Happy birthday!
  7. First, you have helped me in having great memories when we are kids, and now you support me in every decision in my life. I simply can’t imagine my life without you. Love you sister, and have a great birthday ahead.
  8. May all your wishes come true and you have a great life ahead. And many many happy returns of the day, Big sister!
  9. I seriously can’t think of anyone else at your place. You are the perfect sister that I can ever have because you are intelligent, talented, and a caring sister, above all. 
  10. Every time I look at you, I don’t see just an elder sister, but my role model and the right person to seek advice from. Happy birthday, stay blessed always. 

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister From Brother

If you are that lucky brother to have such a cute and loving sister at home, why hold back from expressing your respect to her. So here are the best happy birthday wishes for your sister and to share your feelings, expressing how special you feel just because of her. 

Happy birthday wishes for sister from brother

  1. So glad that you are my sister, because I don’t think that anyone can do this role this right. Together, we simply make the perfect sibling match. Very happy birthday to you, sis. 
  2. Celebrate this day, my dear sis. Because this is the only day when I take a break from annoying you. You are such a kind-hearted sister to tolerate a brother like me. 
  3. I still can’t get over all the crazy things that we have done together. I’m so happy to have you as my sister. My best wishes on your birthday, keep smiling. 
  4. For me, you are more than a sister, you’re my best friend with whom I can share everything that I simply can’t with my guy friends. Happy birthday!
  5. I have never shared this with you, but it always makes me smile when you smile and enjoy your life your way. Go on, it’s party time. 
  6. May this new year bring you so many great surprises and moments that you ever dreamed of. Have a fabulous birthday ahead. 
  7. I may not be aware of your dreams, but hope you achieve them all by your next birthday. My best wishes and blessings are with you, sister. 
  8. Dear sister, you are such a precious gift to your family. And here, we share our greatest wishes for you to stay strong and happy forever. 
  9. May from this new year, you collect so many memories and precious moments in life just like you gave us so far. Happy birthday to you, sister. 
  10. You are the reason why my everyday life is filled with joy and the greatest motivation. Thank you, sister, and have an awesome birthday to you. 

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Short Birthday Wishes for Sister

In this section, you’ll find some good and short birthday messages and wishes to share with your sister. You can also share such wishes by creating a social media post regarding your sister’s Happy birthday’ post or direct text. 

Short birthday wishes for sister

  1. Enjoy this day to the fullest and make it exciting, overall. Happy birthday, sis. 
  2. Here I’m sending you all my best wishes for your birthday for you, My dear sister. 
  3. You are more than my sister, you’re such a special person to me. Happy birthday, sis. 
  4. Stay who you are and never change. Have a great birthday, dear sis. 
  5. You know I will always be there for you, sister. Happy Birthday!
  6. Celebrate your birthday like you’re still in your teens. Btw, you still don’t get that old, though.
  7. All I want for you is happiness and success in your life. Best wishes for you, sister. 
  8. I may not be there for you, but my blessings will be with you always. 
  9. You have no idea how much we love you, we are grateful to have you, sister. 
  10. I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest and make it feel like it’s your birthday, sis.
  11. Happy birthday to my sister, best friend, role model, and my greatest inspiration. 

Happy Birthday Blessings For Your Sister

Happy birthday blessings for your sister

Sharing your best wishes and buying her some birthday presents on your sister’s birthday is all fine. You should not stop there, though.

You really want to give your younger sister good luck for the new year in her life. So, in this list, you will find some of the best happy birthday prayers and blessings to give your sister. 

  1. Dear sis, I wish you the best. I’m sure this new year you’re going to get even closure to your dreams and the purpose of your life. HBD.
  2. You really work so hard and take your life seriously. On this special day of your life, all I have to give you is my heartily wishes and blessings for you.
  3. Best wishes on your birthday, Dear Sister. My blessings are always with you. No matter how hard times may get, always believe in yourself. 
  4. May God bless you with all positivity and great ideas that allow you to achieve your life purpose. Have a great happy birthday to you. 
  5. When I look at you, I instantly feel blessed. Because you’re my sister and with your presence, my life has changed in a more positive way. Happy birthday to you. 
  6.  May this new year and all following years, you experience the most successful and the happiest time. Wishing, you get everything you want from life. HBD.
  7. I pray to god that you have all the blessings. Wishing that every day, every year, your life gets you better to the best. Happy birthday, sister. 
  8. You’re beautiful, you’re smart. You’re what you’re. Never change yourself for anyone else, only for you. Happy birthday and stay what you’re. 
  9. Never forget a single day to pray to god, because what we are right now is all because of god’s blessings. Let God always guide you in life. HDB.
  10. I hope whatever you do, you get success there. Whatever you want, you get it in the end. Very happy birthday to you, Sis.
  11. Because of you, our life is filled with so much happiness. On your birthday, I bless you with all the good luck, may God always guide you on your path. HBD.

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Final thoughts: 

Found some best happy birthday wishes and messages to share with your sister? 

Let us know which sister’s birthday wish you like the most, and you have already shared it with her. Also, if you like this article or have any ideas to share with us, let us know via the comment section. 

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