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Turning a loft into a bedroom is a great way to give your home more living space. It’s cozy and gives a sense of freedom away from the rest of the house.

If your loft isn’t used for anything else, why not try changing it into a beautiful bedroom?

Listed down below is a quick guide to get you started in the right direction to the perfect loft conversion.

Check the Viability of Your Loft

When you wonder how to convert a loft into a bedroom, the first thing to do is check if it’s even possible. Some lofts are too small to be a viable bedroom, while others don’t have enough structural stability to support the extra weight.

If you don’t think you’d be able to walk around comfortably within the space, it’s not a good choice for a loft conversion.

It’s also important to check your local building codes and ensure that there are no other extra steps before you start renovating.

Reinforce Floor Supports

Even if you’re certain that the floor is strong enough to support the weight of a bedroom, it’s important to reinforce the flooring anyway. That extra support goes a long way in keeping everyone in the home safe.

You don’t want to risk the new floor crumbling down as you add in a bed or a dresser.

Provide Privacy

If your loft doesn’t have any kind of privacy to it, then it’s a good idea to install some extra privacy measures. Add in sound dampening things like rugs or insulation, or add in extra walls to provide visual privacy.

No one wants to stay in a bedroom where they feel exposed. Even a curtain or two is better than nothing. 

Check Heating and Lighting

Most lofts don’t come equipped with good heating or lighting, or even electronics in general. To provide the best living experience to your loft bedroom, all of these things are necessary.

You’ll want to install all of these into the loft with the help of a professional. Trying to install electronics on your own without expertise leads to potential fires and other damages.

Install a Sturdy Ladder

It’s no good if the ladder to your new loft bedroom is flimsy. Every time you go up and down that rickety ladder, it’s a health risk.

A bedroom is meant to be a safe place that leaves you feeling comfortable. A weak ladder doesn’t provide that at all.

Instead, make sure to install a sturdy ladder that stays secure as you climb. DIY loft ladders are perfect for this task since they’re strong, compact, and easy enough to put together on your own.

Turning a Loft Into a Bedroom Requires a Little Prep Work

By following the list above, turning a loft into a bedroom is no problem. Once you’re down with the prep work, all that’s left is to decorate to your heart’s content.

Have fun bringing a spark of life to your loft and enjoy the unique charm of using it as a proper bedroom.

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