Your guide to travelling to wimbledon from the us Your guide to travelling to wimbledon from the us

With the 2022 Wimbledon tournament now drawing ever closer, fans who are clamoring to attend such a prestigious and historic event should be mindful of the means of transportation heading in and out of London towards the region where the All England Lawn Tennis Club is located on the outskirts of the British capital.

This year will mark the 135th rendition of the fabled Wimbledon tennis tournament which remains as arguably the most famous and coveted of the four Grand Slam events located in the States, France and Australia.

The tournament is also the oldest professional tennis event in the world and as such has witnessed its fair share of unmissable moments and outcomes throughout its prosperous sporting tenure.

With some of the world’s most high-profile athletes in action throughout the course of the event, Wimbledon attracts suitors from various countries across the globe including a huge following from US tennis audiences given the significant upside and rejuvenation the sport has witnessed throughout the past few decades.

As such, Wimbledon is often sighted as a must-have for any sporting fanatic bucket-list with any potential US attendees often sighting the main means of transport when heading out to the rural London suburb.

Should any US tourists be raring to head out to this year’s event or any major tournament in the future, it is important to remain aware of the various transportation services and accommodations available to ensure much safer and more convenient housing ahead of an upcoming Wimbledon encounter.

US fans will already be familiar with various names across both the male and female tournaments at Wimbledon this year, but fans may also be just as interested to place any available wagers on some of the sport’s biggest names.

The latest Wimbledon odds have sighted superstar talent Novak Djokovic as the outlasting favorite to win the Men’s single tournament at -125 odds compared to his closet competitors in Carlos Alcaraz Garfia and long-time rival Rafael Nadal who both wager in at +650.

In the Women’s singles, Iga Swiatek is viewed as the overlapping favorite at +140, followed by Cori Gauff (+1100), Karolina Pliskova (+1200) and Naomi Osaka (+1300).

  • Transportation to Wimbledon from the US:

Fans arriving from the States should always look to arrive at an airport tailored towards London with Gatwick being perhaps the most convenient destination when heading out to Wimbledon.

When arriving in the UK, the famous London Underground (or Tube system), is perhaps the best transportation service available when heading across the city and the wider regions surrounding the area.

It is also important to know which route is best suited for travel as the region of Wimbledon has different drop-off points for certain train lines, but should any traveling fans get lost or leave at the wrong station, there is a special Wimbledon bus service that is present between certain tube stations (including Wimbledon station) and the tennis club to help ensure all fans are able to attend the event swiftly and on-time.

In terms of which station is in the closest proximity to the All England Lawn Tennis club, Southfields station is perhaps the most convenient and is only a short 15-minute walk away from the courts down Wimbledon Park Road.

  • The preferable accommodation for tourists visiting Wimbledon:

There is an abundance of hotels located in the southwest region of London, including those that can be mere walking distance away from the courts.

Most hotels within the Wimbledon region will often be fully booked ahead of the event but should you be looking to get book a hotel beforehand, the best destinations for such accommodations are within the regions of Wandsworth, Earlsfield or Putney as well as within central London as fans can use the District Line to head back out to the courts.

There is even the prospect of renting out houses from local residents that are just as conveniently located from the courts and are sure to give off some classic college vibes.

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  • The cuisine and beverages available at Wimbledon:

When discussing the most hotly ordered food and drink at the Tennis club, Strawberries and Cream are the quintessential dishes available for any fans as well as a cup of Pimm’s on the side.

While such amenities do provide fans with the classic experience of witnessing a game at Wimbledon, there are also other concessions available around the stadium including traditional British afternoon tea present in the main hospitality section as well as Champagne.

Any staff on site will help answer any queries with regards to the hospitality and service they provide as well as providing extra assistance when navigating around the venue.

It is also often required that spectators wear a smart but casual attire when attending Wimbledon given its unique clientele and the celebrity status on display.

With the 2022 tournament drawing ever closer, this year’s event is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the summer and an unmissable one for all sports fanatics.

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