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Did you know that 6,923,074 students took remote courses at the postsecondary level in fall 2018? Distance learning has increased over the course of the pandemic.

If you’re enrolled in online classes and want some distance learning study tips, we can help. In this guide, we’ll go over distance learning tips to help you make the most of your online education.

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1. What’s Your Learning Style?

You’ll want to figure out if you’re a kinetic, auditory, or visual learner. You might find you understand a concept better if you visualize or draw it. Some students will learn better when they read their textbooks out loud.

Students sometimes walk around their room and brainstorm out loud. Think about how you learn best. This way, you can make the most of your distance learning.

Knowing your learning style will help you determine the best way to study new material.

2. Put Your Phone on Silent

You might start reading notes from your class but get interrupted by an incoming call or text. After responding to the call, you could end up scrolling through social media or YouTube.

Make sure you put your phone away and keep it on silent. Otherwise, you could end up distracted and lose valuable study time.

3. Determine Where You Will Study

You’ll want to have an appointed space where you’ll study. The area should be neat and quiet, with plenty of light. Consider getting a desk or table so you can spread out your notes or textbooks.

Don’t join your online class while sitting on your bed. 

4. Pick Out an Outfit

With most classes online, students choose to wear their loungewear or pajamas. Instead, try to get showered and dressed every day. Wear clothing that you would wear to in-person classes.

Maintaining this routine in the morning will help you feel more focused during class.

5. Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

It’s essential to take breaks between classes or during your study sessions. Make sure you stand up, stretch, or go for a short walk.

These frequent breaks will help you stay focused and motivated. You can focus for 20-30 minutes and then take a short break.

6. Eat Nutritious Snacks

You’ll want to make sure you’re eating healthy snacks like fruit, yogurt, or seeds. For lunch, consider having a piece of fish with a salad. Nutritious food will help you have a clear mind and keep your energy levels up.

If you eat pasta or a meal high in sugar, you will end up having an energy crash later on in the afternoon. Don’t forget to hydrate throughout the day.

Online learning is an affordable and flexible option for students. Consider checking out different distance learning universities like California Coast University.

Use These Distance Learning Tips

We hope these distance learning tips for students are helpful.

Make sure you take frequent breaks, eat nutritious snacks, and put your phone on silent. Keep your study space neat, and get dressed every morning for class.

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