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Keeping up with regular maintenance on your vehicles is of the utmost importance. When your fleet is maintained correctly, the vehicles break down less often, use less fuel, and you can even lower your operating cost.

Being proactive with your fleet preventative maintenance means you can stop smaller problems in their tracks before they become big safety hazards.

There are several ways to maintain a fleet starting with creating a fleet maintenance role to keeping records on all the maintenance you have performed. If you are wondering how to avoid making commercial fleet maintenance mistakes, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Not Creating a Fleet Inspector Role

The first mistake to avoid is not creating a fleet inspector role. An inspector ensures that you are keeping up with oil changes, tire checks, engine cleaning, and more. Hiring a fleet inspector for commercial vehicle repairs gives you the time and space you need to work on your business. 

2. Not Scheduling Preventive Maintenance Visits 

One of the major mistakes in fleet management is not scheduling preventive maintenance visits. Your vehicles require regular fleet maintenance and will break down without it.

You can save valuable time, effort, and money, by having your fleet checked out on a schedule. This is a great way to ensure every vehicle in your fleet is working properly. 

3. Not Keeping Your Vehicles Clean 

Another mistake with commercial fleet maintenance is not keeping your vehicles clean. Operating a messy fleet is hazardous to your drivers and gives the wrong impression of your business. Check out this company if you need vacuum trucks for rent.

4. Not Educating Your Drivers 

Driver education is extremely important when operating your fleet. They should be up to date on the latest policies, procedures, and maneuvers, that will keep them safe on the road. 

Driving according to compliance also keeps the lawsuits at bay in case of an accident. Coach your drivers, offer classes, and review the rules, to keep them compliant.

5. Not Keeping Records 

Another mistake for maintaining your vehicles is not using fleet management software. Not only can the software increase productivity but it also saves money and increases efficiency. 

With fleet management software, you can pull up records and reports on mileage, maintenance, expenses, and more. This gives you an idea of what is working and what is not working in the fleet management process.

These Are the Commercial Fleet Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid 

There are a few commercial fleet maintenance mistakes to avoid for proper fleet management.

Whether you’re running a fleet of thousands or you just have a few to your name, preventing a problem is always better than having to solve one. Fleet maintenance saves you money, monitors your team’s driving, and protects your vehicles from damage.

Best of all, a proactive approach to maintenance will keep your drivers safe while on the road.

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