Positive comments for teamwork Positive comments for teamwork

Behind every successful company, there’s a team that works together and makes the business grow. An organization cannot accomplish its goals without effective teamwork. So, if you’re running the company or managing the team, make sure your teams are encouraged and appreciated well. 

In this post, we will share with you the positive and great comments for teamwork to share with the individual team player or the team as a whole. It would be nice to share such appreciative words with them via mail or during the evaluation process.

From regular encouragement for your team to the appraisal process, here are the ultimate lists of best comments to share with your powerful and fantastic team as a way to thank them. 

Best Comments For Teamwork To Encourage Them

Best comments for teamwork to encourage them

When you want to express your appreciation for your team’s commitment and alertness, here are some of the best comments. These comments are you can give during your team meeting as a manager or as a proud team leader.

  1. Having a team like you makes it so easy for leaders to operate. I appreciate you all!
  2. Together you always deliver exceptional work. Very surprised, Let’s keep it going!
  3. Your ideas and suggestions for the new project are always impressive. Truly grateful for your support. 
  4. I have never worked with such an amazing and structured team as this one. I’ve to say, you all are the best team players. 
  5. Working with you all, I also feel like a proud team leader. Feeling much more confident and encouraging than before, thanks to such an awesome team.
  6. The way you connect and complete each other is truly amazing. That lacks in the other teams in this company. 
  7. You’re one of the best teams that this company has ever had. Well-manner, strong and consistent. 
  8. Truly thankful for this highly active and attentive team that is on my back to guide me through the ever-challenging stage at work. 
  9. Everyone in the company says that I’m not pushing my team enough. Well, that’s not my style and I don’t have to. Because my team is intelligent. 

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Great Teamwork Comments To Give Them Credit

Great teamwork comments to give them credit

For being so understandable and adaptable to new projects, you can’t thank your team enough. You even had your supervisor praise your team. To give your team credit, here are some great comments to share with your team members. 

  1. Already half of the goal has been reached, but we must continue to improve. It’s an exciting challenge for all of us. 
  2. With a team like this, I feel proud and very confident to take on new projects. 
  3. We’re that team that requires no pressure, but a goal to achieve. 
  4. I’m truly impressed with your teamwork skills, your contribution to the team is appreciated. 
  5. We may have failed in the last project, but this time we’re going to make it right. 
  6. A great team that doesn’t compete with others, but with their past performance. 
  7. Thanks to all of you, our team is recognized as the most hardworking and the best team in our entire company. 
  8. I thank each and every one of you for successfully meeting last month’s target. The management is very happy with us and they share their appreciation for you. 
  9. I don’t think without such a great team, I can make this work. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this project. 

Positive Comments For Teamwork To Motivate Them

Positive comments for teamwork to motivate them

If your team is going to do a new project or take on more responsibility, as their leader, it is your responsibility to prepare them for it. The goal is to not just give them the work guidelines but to also inform them of their strengths and the reason they were chosen for this new assignment. 

  1. Result-driven, motivated, and very focused team. I love working with you all. 
  2. I’m lucky that I’m in charge of a team that never fails to do its best work. 
  3. Highly professional, self-motivated, and hardworking, this team has everyone that any team needs to excel. 
  4. You’ve done a great job so far and I’m sure you all are continuing to do your best. Let’s get it done. 
  5. Feel free to inform me when you need any help. I think we’re going to get this done this week. 
  6. Let’s go, team, we’re already about to break our records. 
  7. I have to say it now, but this is by far the best team I have ever worked with.
  8. You all are doing a great job working as a team. I need to be more creative with my ideas and the way we work so far. 
  9. I want to let you know that everyone on our team is doing great. 
  10. It’s not a leader, but the team that makes the leader work at ease and their best. I’m happy that I’m your leader. 

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Teamwork Appraisal Comments for Your Team Player

Teamwork appraisal comments for your team player

You do not want to just say Thank you and Good work alone. When it comes to team appraisal, you want to make something that your team remembers. Try making some more positive and respectful appraisal comments. Here are some suggestions. 

  1. You give attention to every detail and thanks to that, we’ve been the best in our work. 
  2. Your suggestions and recommendations are always on the point. That saves a lot of our time, so thank you for that. 
  3. I think this time we should focus on breaking our performance record. 
  4. Outstanding performance team. Month after month our performance is going to increase. That’s great. 
  5. You handle the work pressure well and have solutions for every problem. 
  6. I can’t thank you enough for how awesome you all are. Really feel so powerful handling this team. 
  7. Every member of this team has exceptional performance. Why can’t we have one session to share our qualities and work experience with one another. 
  8. It’s time to make our team the best to the greatest in the organization. And, I need your suggestions on the same. 
  9. I’ve been working with you all for the last four years, and never felt that I was handling such a huge team. You all are excellent team players, which makes it easy for me. 
  10. Sometimes it gets difficult to coordinate, but this time we did great. 

Evaluation Comments for Teamwork To Improve

Evaluation comments for teamwork to improve

Your team has been working so hard and achieving every challenge. Possible that your team might face challenges to meet the expectation this time. Watch out for your comments if you achieved the desired results, or if your team missed the mark. Show your team that you trust them and you’ve not lost confidence in your team. 

  1. Suh pI know that our past performance is not that up to the mark. But, I think we can improve. 
  2. We have the most important lesson we have learned from the previous month. And, what would you suggest?
  3. Better to move on from the past failure, we have another assignment to focus on. Let’s go. 
  4. We need some changes based on the recent performance to make it work better. And I expect suggestions from you all, so we can fix it. 
  5. Feel free to inform me when you need any guidance or a special training program. 
  6. I have been noticing your work for a very long time. You’ve been a great performer, but just need to trust others and feel part of a team. 
  7. Such phase comes to every team and we’re not alone. I’m sure we are all ready to fight back and give the best we could.
  8. I think we need to be more flexible with the way our team works. Maybe that’s the reason why we aren’t able to deliver our best. 
  9. Maybe this time we’re not going to get what we’re expecting. But, next time, we’ll be back on track, right? 
  10. The lack of communication and one-to-one discussion is what our team lacks. Let’s have a one-to-one session to exchange our ideas from this day on. 
  11. Well, the last month’s record is a learning experience for us. It’s a lesson we can all learn from. But, now it’s time to move on. Let’s go and make this work this time.
  12. This is such a highly dynamic and supportive team, I’ve ever worked with.
  13. What a level of professionalism. Truly feel motivated to work with such a great team.

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Final thoughts

Whether your team is doing great or average, never fall back from sharing your respect and faith in them. As a team leader or manager of the team, your goal is to be with your team when they’re doing their best or not. Make them feel like you’re part of the team, not just superior.

Always keep the team feeling encouraged and motivated by regularly sharing positive and constructive comments for teamwork. You should praise and support them when they’re doing well. Same way, you should be confident, showing your trust in them when they’re not doing well.

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