Reliable tents for any outdoor adventure Reliable tents for any outdoor adventure

Choosing the right camping tent for your adventure takes much more brain power than it did a few short years ago. The selection of styles and materials is enormous and growing by the day. Making the correct choice makes your trip much more enjoyable. Small technology-driven companies are revolutionizing special interest categories of the sporting goods space.

Pitching a tent no longer includes driving stakes into the ground and hoisting a center pole. Mountain Safety Research of Seattle, Washington, has developed a set of tent poles, unlike carbon fiber and aluminum. The Easton Syclone Pole is lighter, stronger, and lasts a lifetime. Syclone Poles bend under extreme force, improving their strength but never breaking. Wireless control hubs and solar power make tents much lighter and more efficient.

Camping in the United States

Camping, backpacking, and hiking have exploded in popularity across the United States. With the rise in camping prominence, gear makers enjoy a surge in product sales. Several new tent categories have emerged, such as geodesic and car-top tents. 

Demanding types of camping require specific equipment to meet the challenge. Mountaineering calls for a minimum of quality equipment and supplies. True mountaineering entails catching your food and building shelter. Family camping requires the small things that make large-group camping so enjoyable. Two and three-person tents have new designs, materials, and weights.

Experienced campers have upgraded their approach and demanded creature comforts; Here are five tents that fit the bill.

Marmot Thor

The Marmot Thor is designed to keep two people warm and cozy in the harshest conditions. The two-person Marmot weighs around ten pounds when ready to camp, so beware of its weight. The tent offers 38 square feet of floor area with a peak height of 44 inches.  

The tent pole material of the Marmot is DAC Featherlight, and the canopy fabric is made of 20-denier nylon. Flooring is a sturdy 70-denier nylon. The Marmot Thor can be pitched in bare-bones mode: with just the rainfly, poles, and footprint. The tent is exceptionally designed and offers excellent protection from the elements. 

North Face Assault 2 FUTURELIGHT™

North Face is a global brand producing quality gear for the harshest weather. 

The FUTURELIGHT™ is recycled nylon, water-repellent, with 73 denier fabric. Flooring is a sturdy and lightweight 40-denier nylon. Tent walls are waterproof, breathable in high wind, and are considered a three-season tent. A recycled laminate material with Easton Syclone poles makes the Assault 2 a comfortable and warm tent.

Vents and drying lines are everywhere in Assault 2, along with a convenient gear loft. North Face offers the Assault in a less expensive Bivy and the Assault 3 model. 

Coleman Carlsbad Dome Tent

The Carlsbad tent from Coleman, a globally dominant brand, is a 4-person shelter with a screen room. Features abound with this Coleman Dome Tent:

  • Coleman’s Dark Room Technology blocks up to 97.5% of the sunlight coming into the tent.
  • WeatherTec systems with their welded corners, inverted seams, and taped seams will keep you dry if a storm comes to your location. 
  • Wide doors in Carlsbad mean more effortless movement of sleeping bags and extra gear in and out of the Carlsbad. A gear loft and multiple mesh pockets keep everybody organized. Bring in electricity quickly with the convenient e-port.

Camping tents of the future will allow adventurists to bring along a little bit of the technology most people are trying to escape. Tents will take only minutes to set up; solar power will bring a host of new features to the camping tent. Campers will be protected better from severe weather and lightning strikes.

Camping tent trends are flourishing in the protective canopy and flooring materials. New, fresher tent designs are hitting all the sporting shows, giving adventurists a chance to look at the future. Tent fabrics are improving along with the flooring material. Mesh pockets and device connections are solid and plentiful. 

Campers who want to get away from everything have tents that offer adjoining walkways to different sections of a tent, much like a home. Kama Jania may have an answer if you need immediate shelter from fast-moving lightning strikes. Their advanced tent material protects campers from direct and ground strikes.

Another significant trend in camping tents is the move to glamping, luxury tents, and boutique camping. Luxury camping locales are now spreading across the globe, giving campers a chance to upscale their amenities. Global hospitality groups are delivering a luxurious camping experience. 

REI Co-Op Wonderland X

The Wonderland Co-Op is considered by many to be one of the best 4-person living spaces on the planet. The tent is a three-season, 4-door design, and it’s heavy at nearly 36 pounds. Specifications on the Wonderland are all top-notch, including a 150-denier, coated polyester floor.

Features of the REI Co-Op are extensive; storm-resistant tunnel architecture and silicon-treated, water-repellent surface treatment.

The Wonderland design differs from most others, but the look is practical and efficient. Plenty of panels, mesh pockets, and other handy features are available on the tent. The sleeping capacity is four people; online reviews make the space adequate. With a trail weight of over 35 pounds, the REI Wonderland tent should be hiked in and out of the campsite.

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Zempire EVO TXL V2

The Zempire is, in essence, an 8-person small cabin with three doors, weighing in at a hefty 85 pounds. The floor area of the Zempire is almost 260 square feet, with an 84.6-inch peak height. The multi-room design gives campers an enormous variety of layout options.

The canopy fabric of the Zempire is a rugged 150-denier/135 T Oxford Polyester, while the floor is polyethylene. Configurable inner walls, pockets galore, and plenty of storage space make the EVO TXL V2 an impressive tent for the family. Zempire’s unique design offers plenty of natural waterproofing and configurable space.

The SeroLink Frame System offers a solid, angled beam construction. The design provides campers with significant wind stability and headspace.

Final Word

Camping and hiking gear has risen to new heights of innovation, efficiency, and affordability. Remember, always look for a tent that offers protection, is spacious for multiple people, comfortable, and reliable in any weather conditions, like the Coleman Carlsbad Dome Tent. 

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