Trying to muster up motivation is often times like trying to grasp smoke. Motivation is not something that surges through us all the time no matter how passionate we are about something. This is especially true for long term commitments and causes, such as careers or projects. Often times we need to be reminded of why we do what we do, and why we need to keep doing it. That being said, here are some reasons you may need a motivational speaker at your next event.

To Change Perspectives

The best motivational speakers lead their audiences to introspection. They tell a story from their own lives or take a situation that we all think we understand. They then invite us to walk with them as they case the situation until finally we arrive at a new angle. The magic of the motivational speech is that it walks you through every step of the transformation but when its complete we are just as amazed as if it was a magic trick. The enlightenment we receive when they present the situation back to us in a new light is such that not even knowing how its done can corrupt it.

This kind of experience automatically leads us to start trying to apply the same approach to our own lives. Re-examining things that happened to us and trying to find different angles that we had never approached them from before.


We often lose sight of the ‘why?’ in the everyday drudgery of life. This is applicable to everything from relationships to careers. The ‘why?’ is our reasons for making the commitments we make in the first place. They range from “I married her because I loved her” to ‘I joined this company because I believed in their philosophy’.

For companies, a good motivational speaker can remind your worker’s of the big picture. Of the role that your organization is playing in the grand scheme of things and furthermore of the role, they themselves play in the realization of the company’s potential.


Most importantly the motivational speaker will inspire change. After they have reminded you of your purpose, and gotten you to actively reexamine your life through new eyes, they will initiate a call to action.

The point of a motivational speech is to ignite change through words. The speaker by the end of their speech should have ignited something in the listeners that would prompt them to make changes in their lives.

The best motivational speakers can only be an asset to any work event or function as they can renew the energy and spirit of your team and ignite them to make changes that could improve themselves as people, which can only be an asset to your business.

The purpose of a motivational speaker is to use words to spark change, either using their own experiences or the stories of those around them. If your organization is experiencing challenges, your staff is lacking motivation or you just think your company could do with an injection of inspiration; a motivational speaker could be the right feature of your next work event.

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