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In terms of international money transfer companies there is one which is leading the way in this sector, and that is Ria Money Transfer. This is a company which is operational in 160 countries and it has seamlessly moved into the age thanks to its Ria Money Transfer app for international transfers, and other additions which have helped it to become a global leader.  To understand exactly why this company is so successful, we have looked at what customers are saying about it, and why they love using this particular company when they are carrying out international money transfers.

Speed of Delivery

Traditional approaches to transferring money could often be painstakingly slow, but back then there were no option which could be considered as being quicker. The new generation of money transfer companies however have bucked this trend and Ria have become experts at delivering money, to anywhere in the world, at great speed. It is important to remember that these companies are still beholden to the speed of banks, which is all the more impressive when we see how fast they send money. So many customers have commented about cash arriving days earlier than expected.

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Ease of Sending Cash

What Ria have done is to completely remove the difficulty associated with sending cash abroad. Through the website and the application it has never been easier to take money directly from your bank account and send it to so many countries around the world. It is interesting to look at reviews from back in 2015 from happy customers who wished there was an app, the company listened and delivered, improving the convenience of sending money at the same time.

Low Fees, Great Currency Rates

Before the modern day version of this company, so many businesses were making a lot of money from customers by charging high fees and offering poor currency rates. Ultimately during these days there weren’t a lot of alternatives, which is why customers had to just pay the money. Thanks to the emergence of Ria however, this is a thing of the past as they offer the lowest fees amongst its competitors, and they also offer highly competitive currency exchange rates. Customers absolutely love this cost saving and it is why so many people who want to transfer money use Ria when sending money abroad. However, it worth noting that Ria is not the only money transfer provider and you should always compare your options. For example, Ria offers better exchange rates, but Xoom offers better fees.

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Customer Service

As hard as a company may try, it is never able to deliver perfectly all of the time, and consumers understand that. What is critical however is that companies have a dedicated customer care team to deal with any issues which may arise. Judging by the reviews which have been left for Ria, this is exactly what they are committed to. So many reviews mention the high quality service which they received, showing a sense of clear professionalism and understanding when dealing with problems in the process.

This is what customers are writing about Ria and it is exactly why so many more are flocking to use their service for International money transfers.

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