There are those nights that we have where we cannot sleep whatsoever, no matter how much we toss and turn in our beds. Sleep becomes elusive, as thoughts flood our heads, and no amount of effort in keeping yourself away from these thoughts helps. While the people, a few centuries ago had limited options to help them sleep, the modern-day man has many amenities to help one fall asleep.

The next time you find yourself in a sleepless fix, and you pick up your phone to google ‘how to fall asleep quickly?’, but only end up staying awake because of the blinding light, remind yourself to connect to a podcast that puts you to sleep. In this article, you shall find a compilation of podcasts, such as the Jordan Peterson Podcast and Preston and Steve Podcast to make your sleepless nights fun.

Jordan Peterson

The Jordan Peterson podcast contains the audio versions of Dr Peterson’s Youtube Compilation. These feature a bunch of interviews with some of the most intriguing and compelling thinkers of our world such as Steven Pinker, Camille Paglia, Sam Harris, Iain McGilchrist and many more. They also contain the 12 Rules of Life tour audios that are practically unavailable anywhere else.

They also include some of the popular audience QnA sessions, that has become increasingly popular over time.

The Jordan Peterson podcast hosts several brilliant psychological and philosophical topics, some of which are:

  • The relationship between religion and science as well as its values and perceptions
  • What connects emotion, cognition, and motivation
  • What is the human personality from a biological and social construct
  • The commanding role of fundamental rights in shaping the world economy and politics

The Jordan Peterson podcast focuses more on the individual roles of humans in shaping the course of the world. This is a great podcast to listen to on a sleepless night.

Preston And Steve

The Preston And Steve podcast is one of the hilarious sets of podcasts existing. These podcasts are played on the radio station 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia radio station. They feature hysterical conversation, celebrity interviews that are always different from the usual ones you see or hear, and a bunch of contests from goofy people are the perfect podcasts to listen to on a sleepless night.

Preston And Steve podcast began way back in the early 2000s and remains to be one of America’s popular radio and podcast groups. Featuring a ton of comic guests, the Preston And Steve podcast are one of the best podcasts channels to listen to on those sleepless nights.

OTR Detective – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

If you are bent upon falling asleep at night, yet want to be entertained the time you are awake, you must listen to the OTR Detective. While it is no classic like Preston And Steve Podcast and the Jordan Peterson Podcast, it is your classic, vintage radio that gives you a warm tingling sense of nostalgia. The old-style radio playing in the background coupled with the stories that the voice actors drone, are some of the best podcast series ever made.

If you are not a fan of anything annoying, you should know that the detective stories told are quite impressive.


Ever heard of ASMR? Or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response? Well, these are a bunch of sounds that are pleasing to the ear, which helps soothe anxiety and tension. A lot of people switch to ASMR sounds that help them get rid of any nerves before an interview or a doctor’s appointment, and most importantly while trying to fall asleep.

The ASMR podcast is an excellent collection of various ASMR tracks that different guests bring over to the show. These guests present you with their styles and are not always for everyone. Nonetheless, you can be assured that you will find the ASMR track of your choice, which will eventually put you to a sound, relaxing sleep.

ASMR Sleep Station

Sometimes, that perfect tingle in your head relaxes your entire body. ASMR Sleep station offers many whispers and ramblings that provide the ideal chill to put you to sleep. One unique aspect of this podcast is the voice of the host. The topics that he hosts, along with his voice, offers the perfect therapy to put you to sleep on those dreadful sleepless nights.

One other feature to note is that ASMR Sleep Station is a light, ASMR experience that is not as immersive as The ASMR Podcast. While both of them are good, The ASMR Sleep Station is more accessible to engage with.

The Classic Tales

What’s better than falling asleep to classic bedtime stories? Not only do they offer a sense of familiarity but also a feeling of nostalgia. It is no surprise that The Classic Tales Podcast is one of the popular podcasts to fall asleep to when you are having a sleepless night. It features a set of short stories and tales that are from around the globe but are not too popular or well known.

Narrated by the award-winning writer and narrator, B.J. Harrison, this podcast is the best you can wish for if you are craving for some bedtime stories to help you fall asleep.

Meditation Minis

If nothing so far has worked for you (hard to believe), you can fall asleep to the renowned hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton. With her achingly soothing voice and her titillating tones that guide you to a land of slumber, relaxation, she is the one to make you fall asleep on any sort of night you are having.

This guided meditation podcast has each episode that lasts for 10 to 15 minutes, which is perfect for you to slowly crawl to the chasms of your dreamland and a good night’s sleep.

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