Underwear personality Underwear personality

They say that clothes are not what makes a man. And we would agree… to an extent. It doesn’t define you as a person, but it does say something about you, especially those pieces that are underneath our clothes. If you want to know what the logic behind it is, find out what your favorite underwear says about you.

The color of your underwear

Colors, in general, reflect our personality in a way, and it can be applied to underwear as well. Black underwear is a safe choice, yet very elegant and seductive. If there is an added detail, like lace, bow, or straps, it is a plus that makes it even more attractive, regardless of it being thongs, boxers, or regular panties. The color red is for those with a strong personality because it shows that you are confident and strong. Any red underwear is normally perceived as sexy, so again, you can’t be wrong with any type. If you are soft, feminine, and innocent, you will probably show it by choosing pastel colors, soft pink, or even white. If you like this, you probably like to stick to what’s safe, and not experiment much, but there is nothing wrong with that.

The type of your underwear

The type of underwear reflects mostly your lifestyle, and from that, it can say something about your personality as well.

Granny panties

If comfort is the most important thing for you, you are most likely to wear granny panties. They are easy and comfortable to wear, but chances are you won’t be wearing tight clothes and skirts. But don’t worry, because with the newest fashion, and retro trends, granny panties can still look attractive and be comfortable.

Boy shorts

Girls who are into sports or professional athletes will most likely reach for boy shorts. They are perfect because they combine both comfort and a bit of mystery since you can show off the booty that you’ve worked for. This means you are friendly, outgoing, and very fun to be around.


There are a few underwear types that we include in the thong group. T-string is the most revealing, which means that if you like this type, you are confident, extrovert, and love to be yourself. Leaving very little to the imagination means that you are pretty open, sensual, and liberal.

If you like a luxurious g string, it means that you love to be seductive, while also being comfortable. G-strings are no longer as uncomfortable as they used to be because many brands have come out with smooth, and pleasant materials. This type of underwear will emphasize your assets just the right amount, which is exactly how you are in life. Open, but around people who show some effort to get to know you.

Regular thongs show how ambitious you are. You like to feel sexy while doing everyday chores and jobs, which serves as a motivator for you.

Brazilian panties

If you like to be super comfortable, but not at the expense of sexiness, Brazilian panties are what works best for you. They are a perfect pair of underwear to wear under dresses, jeans, and even leggings since they will be seamless. This means you are partly mysterious but have the qualities of the ‘girl next door’ that everybody loves.

Fabric of your underwear


Wearing lace underwear shows how romantic and feminine you are. You appreciate the fine things in your life, and you are a true lady.


Every sensual, elegant, and fearless woman owns a pair of silky underwear. They show how good you feel in your skin and that you are not afraid to take what you want. Only someone with a very strong personality will choose this type of underwear.


Cotton underwear means that you are active, and always on the go. You appreciate simple things in life, and enjoy each moment of it. You maybe don’t have much time to dedicate to choosing your underwear, and you like to always be ready for an adventure.

Sometimes we choose the type of underwear according to our personality. And many times you can change something about your personality by trying on a different type. It’s the beauty of it. Experiment and wear what you feel most comfortable in.

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