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What Are Some Fun and Memorable Things to Do in Tanzania?

Travel and tourism add a staggering $9 trillion to the world economy. The vacation industry is so popular because traveling expands your mind, is great for leisure, and lets you appreciate culture and history. 

A trip to Tanzania will give you all of the above and so much more. 

Do some research upfront before traveling to Tanzania. Study the different attractions and figure out what you’d most like to do and see during your trip. 

We can help you get started. Here are some of the best things to do in Tanzania on your next big vacation. 

Enjoy the Zanzibar Beaches

Tanzania is home to some world-renowned beaches. The 25 beaches of Zanzibar are plentiful and full of splendor. You’ll enjoy the white sand, crystal clear water, and sunshine at any point during your trip. 

Zanzibar has been an Islamic hotbed since the 11th century and has been a focal point for several kingdoms and civilizations throughout history. The city still features landmarks and architecture that harken back to the past. 

You can split your time between a beach blanket and taking tours of the city. 

Plan a Kilimanjaro Visit

If you’re going to Tanzania, your trip isn’t complete without seeing Mount Kilimanjaro. This dormant volcano has a peak of 5,895 meters and is situated amongst six corridors of forest land. 

It hasn’t erupted for 360,000 years and is a marvel that draws people from all over the world. 

The volcano is also popular because it’s the tallest mountain in Africa. People that love wonders of nature include it on their bucket lists, along with Mount Everest and others. 

Adventure seekers also add Kilimanjaro to their list of mountains to climb. It’s an excellent hiking option even if you don’t intend to reach the summit. 

Today, Kilimanjaro is preserved in a National Park, so you can take several pictures and learn all about it. 

Take a Safari to the Serengeti 

Make sure to get out and plan a safari excursion while you’re in Tanzania. The Serengeti should be tops on your list when you want to different types of leopards, lions, buffalo, rhinos, impala, giraffes, and so many other animals. 

You’ll be in awe of the wildlife and wide-open land in this African region. It’s also home to one of the oldest ecosystems on earth, ancestral land, and exotic plant life.

Some of the plants that you’ll see when touring the Serengeti include Sausage trees, Finger grass, Umbrella trees, and Red Oat Grass. You can also visit Serengeti National Park for guided tours and information on the region. 

Many travelers visit the Serengeti during the Great Migration. It’s during this time of year that millions of animals migrate across this great land. Watching them take this journey can be a breathtaking sight and one that makes you appreciate life and nature. 

Go on a Food Tour

Smart travel tip – always, always, always sample the food of the natives!

African food is some of the most flavorful and eclectic that you’ll find. It has lasted several centuries and civilizations, and the food in Tanzania is no different. 

You can learn all about it by taking a guided food tour that lets you try the essentials. Examples of some Tanzania food choices you’ll want to explore include Mchuzi wa samaki, Biryani, Chipsi mayai, Makai paka, and Mchemsho.

Having a tour guide will help you learn all about these flavorful food items while sinking your teeth into them. It also lets you try these dishes on your time, and without having to bounce between several different restaurants and geographical locations. 

Explore Some National Parks

There are several other national parks you can visit in addition to the above attractions. 

Figure out whether you’re going to stay in the Eastern, Western, Northern, or Southern regions of Tanzania so that you can map out which parks you’d like to visit.

Examples of national parks to add to your list include Arusha National Park, Katavi National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Crater, Tarangire National Park, and Ruaha National Park.

Each park has its own slice of nature and history to appreciate. They’ve been preserved by the government and will let you appreciate the unspoiled splendor that only the continent of Africa can offer. 

Make sure to also grab some souvenirs to adorn your home or gift to people that you love. 

Take a Trip to Stone Town

Stone Town is a must-have to add to your list when you appreciate art, history, and culture. It’s situated in Zanzibar, and is a melting pot, thanks to the fact that it served as a trading post for more than a thousand years. 

When you visit this town, you will experience a blend of African, European, Indian, and Arab cultures. Some of the hotspots of Stone Town that you’ll want to hit include Ngome Kongwe, Darajani Bazaar, the Anglican Cathedral of Christ Church, Changuu Island, and the Palace Museum. 

You can try some amazing food, visit markets, and take in beautiful music when visiting Stone Town. 

Enjoy Things to Do in Tanzania 

When you’re interested in things to do in Tanzania, the points in this article will provide some direction. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices, so give yourself plenty of time to plan your trip and add some items to your itinerary. 

We’re your one-stop shop when you want to learn about the travel industry so you can plan the perfect vacations. Check out our other posts so that you can become a skilled and informed traveler. 

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