Unique ways to style your sports shoes Unique ways to style your sports shoes

Are you a footwear lover and can’t get enough of your massive shoe collection? While you can obviously buy more and we highly encourage it, there are some easy ways you can style your existing collection of sports shoes for maximum style points. Use our ideas to express your individuality and simultaneously stand out in a crowd.

Girly Dresses 

Dress down your favourite lace or skater dress with a pair of on-trend white sneakers. A chunky dad shoe is a way to go for fashionistas who don’t mind standing out. Ankle-exposing slip-on shoes are a better option for girls looking to blend in.

Indian Attire

If Bollywood celebrities are your style inspiration, you’ll love to know that your favourite celebrities love mixing sports shoes with their favourite sneaker pair. Lehengas with sneakers sounds a little too adventurous, but if you decide to take the plunge, we promise you’ll stand out in the best way. The best part is you’ll be the most comfortable bride or bridesmaid by a long shot.

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Tropical Print Shorts 

For men, sports shoes and track bottoms are a classic combination. But pairing your favourite lightweight slide-on sports shoes with a pair of tropical print shorts looks just as cool. It is a change from pairing shorts with flip flops for beach vacations, but it is also a great way to transition to brunch. And it doesn’t have to be vacation style either. Buy a pair of sports shoes with a funky print and pair them with your favourite pair of linen shorts for breakfast dates, picnics, or movie nights.

Dress Down Slacks

Got a pair of cotton slacks or chinos that you want to dress down for post-work scenes? Sports shoes are the answer. It is also a great way to get extra use out of your formal outfits. Plan to get together for drinks or dinner post work? Loosen your tie, add on a leather jacket on top of your work shirt and finally slip on a pair of sports shoes

Voila, you are ready to unwind in style. You can even pair your favourite formal slacks for weekend trips by dressing them down with sports shoes. Roll up your pants, add on some funky print socks, and be vacation-ready. 

Loungewear Tracksuits

Sports shoes with tracksuits may not be the most revolutionary combination. But it is classic for a reason. Pair your favourite pair of sneakers with comfy tracksuit bottoms to get ready for the gym. 

Sports shoes are also a great pairing with athleisure outfits for a post-workout smoothie date or shopping spree. Make sure you get a pair that is just as comfortable as it is stylish-you need the support for the gym and the style for outside.

Maxi Skirt and Graphic Tee

Opt for comfort and pair your favourite swingy, flirty maxi skirt with sturdy sports shoesSports shoes provide more comfort and durability than your favourite chappals or heels and are better for busy city girls. You won’t have to worry about blisters, flats breaking down mid-commute, or dirtying up your expensive heels.

Choose sports shoes that are easy to wash-maybe a darker colour instead of classic white, and you’re good to go. Some other style ideas-graphic tee, bold sunglasses, a chunky belt, and a cotton tote.

Suits and Tie

Wearing casual shoes for men with a suit and tie outfit might be frowned upon in most offices. But if you’re a stylish gentleman or lady, you love mixing up formal with casual on the daily right. And there are ways for you to get away with it without breaking HR dress rules. Sports shoes are a practical on-the-go choice for ladies and look extra chic paired with a full suit set.

Sports shoes paired with a blazer, formal pants, and a neutral white tee are the perfect date night outfit for men. Add a tie if you want to look more put together, and leave it altogether if you’re going for the laidback vibe. In each case, choose darker sports shoes, avoid prints for the outfit and keep the rest of your outfit and accessories understated and minimal.

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Style is Personal

Style is extremely personal. Casual shoes for men might not be the most traditional pairing for dresses, skirts, or office wear. But you’ll realize that sports shoes can work just as well in a formal setting with the right styling and by keeping the rest of the look understated. 

Experiment with different sports shoes for different occasions to find the perfect fit. High-tops, for example, might not look the best with formal office wear but look ultra-cool with athleisure outfits. Consider no-lace, slip-on sneakers, or converse shoes in a dark colour for the office. When pairing with traditional outfits like lehengas or saris, you may want to avoid print or colour clashing. 

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