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Piercings and tattoos have been around for centuries, they help people express themselves and show unity. 

Whether you’re wanting to escape your comfort zone or enhance your ear piercings, you can make a statement with some trending jewelry. If you want to look and feel confident in 2023, there are a few ear jewelry trends you’ll need to discover.

Keep reading to learn about the best earrings that this year has to offer and make them your own! 

Flashy Pieces 

One of the biggest trends for ear jewelry in 2023 is flashy, statement-making earrings.

Over the pandemic, many people reached for their sweatpants and kept their jewelry safe in their boxes. With the pandemic coming to an end, now is the perfect time to show off your flashy bling and start catching attention again. 

Large hoops, chandelier earrings, and bright colors can make a statement, even if you’re wearing a simple outfit.

Flashy earrings will draw attention to your face and best features, but you need to be cautious of headaches. Make sure you invest in comfortable earrings that will make a statement without starting a migraine. 

Ear Cuffs 

Needles and piercings aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip out on the trendiest jewelry. 

Depending on the style, you can find ear cuffs that go through a piercing or sit on the outside of your ear. Cuffs are a fun way to wear a flashy piece without having to stress about pulling and tugging on your lobes. 

Look for ear cuff designs that are inspired by nature. Vines and flowers make beautiful patterns for cuffs and can bring an outfit and jewelry together. 


Ear gauges have come a long way over the past decade, and they can not be found in feminine patterns.

With the use of acrylic, you can find flowers, mushrooms, and other items within the gauges. These are fun earrings since they are inspired by nature, look clean, and are professional. You can also find gemstone gauges in a variety of unique color combinations and shapes. 

Before you start making any purchases, check your ear gauge size to ensure you buy the right ones. Since each person has a unique gauge size, you don’t want to order one that’s too big or small. 

Double-Drop Earrings

If you’re looking for elegant and feminine styles, you can take advantage of your ear piercings on the lobes. 

Double-drop earrings are simple and beautiful, but they also add dimension to your appearance. The elongated earrings frame the face naturally and help enhance jawlines and cheekbones. 

These earrings are perfect to wear when you’re working, at formal events, or going on a date. Since they dangle, they aren’t always child-friendly, but the colors will help keep little eyes distracted. 

Mix & Match 

If you’ve got multiple piercings on your ears, such as on the lobe and helix, you can create a fun look with your jewelry. 

Mixing and matching earrings can draw attention and help the surrounding jewelry stand out. Although you don’t want your pairings to look tacky, you can tastefully blend different styles and match them with your outfits. 

Some people recommend mixing gold, rose gold, and silver earrings on the same ear. You can also add dimension by wearing colorful studs around your lobes. 


Diamond earrings have always been highly sought after, but 2023 is highlighting the beauty in emeralds.

Emerald earrings are fun, sophisticated, and appealing. If you have blue, green, or hazel eyes, emerald earrings could draw attention to your most natural and beautiful features. You can find studded earrings or extravagant pieces with smaller stones. 

Since emeralds aren’t as expensive as diamonds, they make a perfect choice for gifts. While picking out your earrings, look for emeralds placed in gold or rose gold fittings. 

Inspired by Punk 

Chunky chains, studs, and mixed metals are making a comeback.

The punk-rock appearance has returned and everyone is already seeing it in the jewelry stores. Fortunately, modern styles have influenced these iconic earrings, preventing people from looking tacky. 

If you want to capture a punk style for 2023, focus on chunky pieces, black, and layering different materials. You can create an edgy style with your earrings and blend other jewelry with your designs. 

Playful Hearts

The punk and grunge look isn’t for everyone, especially those that want a playful style. 

Fun and colorful hearts can bring your outfits to life and help you show off your playful personality. Although people associate hearts with children’s jewelry, you can find that some of the biggest brands are joining the craze. Chanel, Versace, and other leading companies have collections highlighting hearts. 

Colorful heart earrings look great alongside diamond studs and pearls. If you place too many other colored shapes nearby, it could become distracting. 

The best part about heart-shaped earrings is that you can find them in studs, hoops, and gemstone designs. 

Get Noticed with Ear Jewelry 

Ear jewelry and piercings can say a lot about a person without them having to speak.

Whether you want something subtle for this year or are looking to make a statement, earrings can help you get the job done. This wide variety of earrings can help you find the most comfortable pairs that enhance your appearance and confidence. 

Don’t be afraid to try a new design or stack your piercings. 

Make sure you read our blog to learn more about popular jewelry trends and the benefits of ear piercings! 

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