Trending ways to spend your uk vacation Trending ways to spend your uk vacation

On average, the UK sees 156.2 rainy days per year, and the average summer temperature is a mild 70°F (21°C). If you are looking to escape the harsh summer heat, a UK vacation might be a perfect choice.

From the rolling Moores of Nothern England to the vibrant melting pot that is London, the UK has so much more to offer than just a visit to Buckingham Palace.

Let’s take a look at some brilliant ways to enjoy a holiday in Great Britain.

Guide to an Unforgettable UK Vacation

Travel in the UK is geared toward tourism. There are many buses and train routes to take you from one end of the country to the other, in a matter of hours.

When considering traveling the country, you should look beyond the capital to all the other sweet spots and sites you won’t want to miss.

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The Viking Capital of England, York, and its surrounding Moores have a rich history. Home to three national parks, Yorkshire filled with rolling hills and a beautiful rugged coastline.

The city of York is home to The York Minster, along with Castle Howard which is situated just outside of the city. The Castle hosts afternoon tea and you can easily spend a day marveling at the grounds.

From the Bar Walls which were built to protect its people from Viking invaders to the Shambles, a tiny street of narrow old shops and cobblestones, York has so much to offer. So, don’t forget to miss when you are on UK Vacation.


With 300 miles of coastlines, Cornwall offers unmatched views. Whether looking for a beach day in St. Ives, or some fun in the surf at Newquay, the South West of Great Britain has you covered.

Watching the sunset over Land’s End is something you won’t quickly forget. Follow it up with some fish ‘n’ chips in the seaside town of Truro for the full experience.

Home to some truly spectacular sites, such as St Michael’s Mount, and the Smuggler’s Harbour of Polperro, you’ll struggle to fit everything in.


Once home to thousands of castles and strong-holds, Scotland is a little further afield but so worth the trip. With some of the most dramatic and breath-taking landscapes in the UK, you might not believe you’re still in the 21st Century.

Along with the incredible scenery, Scotland is still home to a number of Castles that will leave you in awe. From the stunningly preserved Dunrobin Castle to the haunting remains of St Andrews Castle, you can explore a number of these truly historic sites.

Other Places Not to Be Missed 

Whether on a work vacation or looking for a relaxing trip, the following are some true gems that are worth the miles:

  • The Lake District is filled with beautiful lakes, mountain ranges, and lots of unique villages
  • The Cotswolds is home to some gorgeous scenery and quintessential British homes and cottages
  • Oxford and Cambridge are both stunning and filled with history
  • The Jurassic coast is located on the South Coast and is home to some of the most other-worldly cliffs and beaches

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Amazing festivals to attend

European countries are famous for a variety of festivals and the way of celebrations, if you are in the UK for vacation and can attend some festivals don’t miss that chance.

Being part of some celebration and festival in the UK is another amazing way to enjoy your UK trip.

1. Music festival Glastonbury

Music festivals are always amazing, attending them is always fun. Glastonbury fest is one of the biggest famous fests in England, it was started in the 1970s and kept growing.

People gathering there in huge no. binging their countries flag, enjoying, dancing, and chilling. This fest happens by the end of July or the starting of August.

2. How about glamping?

Glamping is actually a fest, it’s a luxury way of camping.  Proper luxury tents for camping with luxuries provided. There are so many glamping areas made in England, you can book and enjoy anytime. Unlike festivals, there is no particular time you can enjoy this whenever you visit England.

Glamping gives you an amazing experience of site enjoying the nature of England, breathing fresh in the forest watching shepherdess, birds, plants, and enjoying the countryside away from crowded tourist places.

3. Carnival of Notting hills

Carnivals are always amazing and nostalgic, witnessing a carnival in England is something cherish a lifetime. Notting hills carnival one of the largest and most spectacular West Indian carnivals to witness, attended by masses.

You can enjoy a variety of street food, watching thousands of people taking part in breath-taking parades, huge costumes, music. Amazing dance forms and whatnot. This carnival is surely worth attending, while in UK Vacation.

 4. Buxton Festival

Are you seeking classic jazz or opera to experience?

Buxton Festival is perfect to attend, started in 1979 bringing some amazing opera artists at Arts Buxton Opera House to perform. This festival is specifically for lovers of jazz music and contemporary music.

A glass of wine and watching some amazing classic European performances at an old opera house is nothing less than witnessing an art.

5. Cowes week

Cowes week is an amazing British sports week, an important part of the British summer calendar. It is one of the longest-running regular regattas in the world.

In Cowes week almost 40 races are organized daily where up to 1000 boats take part and around 8000 competitors register themselves.

This race is one of its kind where Olympic and world-class professionals take part. It is the largest sailing race that is one of its kind, which happens in August.

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Put the Great into Great Britain

London is the obvious choice when looking at a UK vacation. It is vibrant and full of great food and culture. But if you really want to explore what makes the UK so unique, you should really consider looking beyond the city and exploring further.

Before making any plans to visit the UK, you should check current Covid-19 restrictions. As of October 2020, travelers from certain countries will have to self-isolate for 14 days before being allowed to travel freely within the country.

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