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Are you looking for a place that has beautiful rivers, known for its music, has an amazing zoo, and rich culture? Then Nashville could be your destination. Nashville is one of the places in the world known for its vibrancy and energy. Due to the importance of music in this city, Nashville is known as “music city”When you visit Nashville, you will find clubs, bars, music studies, recording stations, and concert halls on the streets.

So, is that it? No. The place has more to offer.

Located alongside the river, you will see beautiful landscapes filled with canyons and forests. The city is also the birthplace of many notable personalities. 

We have discussed some places and things that you should definitely do on your next visit to Nashville.

Take a look.

1. Broadway

Broadway is the main attraction of downtown Nashville.

When you visit Broadway, you will come across neon-lit blocks. There you will see many clubs, shops, bars, restaurants, and saloons as far as your eye can see.

During the day, Broadway is one of the busiest tourist attractions in the city.

You will see old-fashioned trolleys and streetcars stopping on the streets. You can shop, sightsee and dine on the street.

If you visit Broadway at night, you will enjoy music in many pubs and bars.

At night, you can enjoy a good food and drinks with music and dancing. If you want karaoke, then you should visit Broadway at night.

2. Cumberland Park

One of the best places to visit in Nashville is Cumberland Park.

The city boasts of a beautiful view of the Cumberland River. It is a 700-mile waterway that flows from Tennessee to Kentucky.

The park is officially known as “Riverfront Play Space.” It is a place for the whole family to have fun in and around the water.

One of the biggest attractions you will get to see is the giant Splash Pad. You can cool off here on a hot summer day.

Some of the other attractions you will see include bike paths, butterfly gardens, and climbing structures. You will also see an amphitheater where outdoor Nashville concerts are held.

You can also enjoy a romantic date at Cumberland River.

If you’re visiting Nashville, don’t forget to include Cumberland Park in your itinerary.

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3. Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory

The Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory is very easy to spot from a distance; it has a white dome.

In Tennessee, it is one of the largest astronomical centers. From there, you can get an unobstructed view of the night sky.

If you are interested in learning about constellations, you should visit the observatory. It is open for telescope views and tours.

The observatory also holds events like solar eclipse parties and summer camps.

The grounds are also open for outdoor concerts. You can enjoy a show if it plays the time when you visit.

4. Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo is considered one of the unique tourist attractions in Tennessee.

The zoo is located about 6 miles south of downtown Nashville. In the 1800s, the zoo was a farmhouse that the Croft family later donated to the city.

Did you know that it is the 9th largest zoo in the country? Now you do. 

You will see 3000 different animals there, belonging to about 350 species. They even allow tourists to take pictures and feed some of the animals.

You are visiting with your kids; then you can also see the zoo-sponsored classes and camps.

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Final Words

If you are planning to visit Nashville, then it will be a fun trip for sure. 

You will enjoy music, some family time, beautiful sightseeing, and good family time, among the others. Make sure you book a safe accommodation by searching Nashville short term rentals. The accommodation you choose must also comply with the Covid protocols.

Have a happy and safe trip!

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