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Did you know that 67% of Americans play video games? Are you looking for some of the top games to play in 2019?

In this article, you’ll find some of the most exciting and adventurous games for this year you won’t want to put down. Read on to discover the top 12 games of 2019.

1. Resident Evil 2 (PS4, PC, Xbox One)

This game completely remakes the classic Resident Evil 2 and rebuilds it. It has the claustrophobic over-the-shoulder play experience you’ll remember from the early 2000s, but easily stands on its own. You’ll enjoy the survival horror with the excitement of exploring a place, and what might happen due to your curiosity.

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2. Cadence of Hyrule (Switch)

Cadence of Hyrule is seriously good, being a remix of Breath Of The Wild and A Link To The Past. It’s a Zelda scroller and a feel of a classic RPG. All the puzzles and sprites give a nod to Crypt of the Necromancer. This 2D spinoff you won’t be bored and is rightfully so number 2.

3. Apex Legends (PS4, PC, Xbox One)

The gunplay in Apex Legends is amazing and second-to-none. You can experience its ping systems, character powers, and its use of 3v3s. You’ll enjoy the top-notch weapon design in the game as well. If you’re looking for a top battle royale type play, this is for you.

4. Overwatch (Xbox One, Playstation 4, Pc)

Overwatch is a brightly colored world with team-based heroes. Teams of six can take the roles of healer, DPS, and tank, battling over objectives and not just killing. They’re now 27 heroes to choose from so no matter your play style there’s bound to be someone for you.

5. Devil May Cry 5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Devil May Cry 5 is exciting, stylish, and fun. It’s about Nero becoming more than just dead weight. One minute you can be lost in a plot, and the next you’ll be killing enemies with motorcycle swords.

You’ll still remember Dante and the demons as pretty much the same. This game is a continuation of the previous games but a theatrical masterpiece.

6. Kingdom Hearts 3 (Playstation 4, Xbox One)

This game has long been anticipated for over a decade. It has a complex backstory and might not be ideal for newcomers. Sora returns for his journey to find his friends and stop a threat against Disney-themed Worlds. You want to miss out on this incredible journey with Sora and his Disney pals.

7. Sunless Skies (Mac/PC)

Sunless Skies is about collecting stories. You’re in a world where London is free of gravity and floats with the stars. You’ll be the captain of a flying locomotive through strange and dangerous environs. You’ll meet vampires, humans, and devils before making your way back home.

You then sell your stories of the strange world and whatever artifacts you find along the way.

8. Wargroove (PC, Nintendo Switch)

Wargroove is a strategy game throwback that’s inspired by the Advance Wars series of games. It’s about a princess who leads her kingdom to war after someone killed her father. It has brainy strategy, exciting animation, and many different ways to play. There’s a multi-player option and map editor as well.

9. Ace Combat 7: Series Unknown (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

The Ace Combat games are a long-running soap opera combined with arcade-style. It details the struggle of fictional kingdoms and governments in Strangereal. It’s about the pilots and politicians who live there.

You’re a pilot who is framed for the murder of a politician and so are forced to join a colony’s suicide squad of fighter pilots. Can you fly your way to redemption?

10. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (Switch, Xbox One, PS4)

This is a follow-up to N. Sane Trilogy with 30+ tracks, 26 playable characters, and kart customization. You’ll experience some nostalgia with characters such as Crash, Spyro the Dragon and Tawna from Crash Bandicoot. It’s challenging but gives off positive vibes and relaxation with its bright colors.

11. The Division 2 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

If you’re looking for one of the top shooter games, The Division 2 is it. This is a story of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. tying cover shooter mechanics to a smarter enemy Al and a drop-in matchmaking system. The action sequences are more tactical than predictable.

It’s a compelling skills and thrills RPG that is one of the best shooter games out there.

12. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is about saving your medieval magical home Fodlan. You can play it in 40 hours or you can unlock many secrets and get double the gameplay. You can find every secret about this strange world. It has lovable characters you can enjoy tea with and storylines that can change based on your decisions.

Also, it has a deep combat grid system. Unlike past Fire Emblem games, this you can choose to play on a game-mode where your teammate doesn’t die for good if they go to battle. It has war scenarios along with hanging out with your friends. If you loved Final Fantasy or Persona, you’ll love this game.

Top 12 Games of 2019

Whether you’re looking for a PC, Switch, Xbox, or Playstation game, this list has you covered for some of the top 12 games of 2019. If you’re trying to find a more relaxing racing game or maybe a shooter game, this list has you covered with variety.

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