Tips to take care of your hair while travelling Tips to take care of your hair while travelling

Having long unkempt hair when travelling can be annoying. Therefore it is necessary to have a few hair travel tips in order to use when enjoying yourself during travel so that you do not need to cut your hair once the trip is over. Knowing how to come up with magical hairdos is a plus but you also need to know how to take care of your hair.

  1. Do not wash your hair too much

When you wash your hair with soft water it makes it to be so smooth and silky. However when you travel you might find some areas have hard water. Hard water makes the hair to feel brittle and you might be surprised it does not look the same way it used to. Sometimes it may become so dry. So when you are travelling try to wash your hair at least once in three days because you don’t really know the kind of havoc the water can bring to your hair. Unless you are on the beach and your hair has become dirty and sweaty, you can always avoid washing it.

  1. Avoid buildup of hair products

Hair dries naturally wavy but when you want it to look adorable you can always use beach wave products on it. You can do this averagely once every week. However, you need to wash your hair thoroughly to get rid of all these products even the conditioners. Sometimes you when you are walking along the streets or on the beach you see tourists with greasy hair. On your budget as a traveller, you should set aside some money to check in in a salon where your hair can be washed with hot water so that it can be washed.

  1. Always use skin protection

Most people like travelling to the coast or during summer when the weather is favourable for sun basking. Hair can be damaged by both the ultra violet rays from the sun and heated metallic surfaces. Therefore, it is important to give you hair as much protection as possible. When you dry your hair you can use a heat protector to condition the hair from the inside out and also shield the hair from colour zapping rays.

Be sure not to hold the hair dryer too close to prevent slip, fluffy ends. Blow the hair dryer to your hand to test of the temperature is ideal for drying.

  1. Carry good products and tools

The hair is as important as your skin. The product you apply on it will go a great way in affecting it. Investing in good tools and quality hair products will keep your hair strong and make it look good. Always remember to carry your good brushes even though they are expensive. The brushes should be clean, free from dead hair and product build-up. Before embarking on the journey you can wash them with warm water mixed with baking soda.

  1. Not letting your hair go

At times you might be on a very interesting journey and you forget to comb your hair. Don’t let it take too long without taking care of it. Some people have very dry hair that when they go a week without combing them it is really hectic to do their hair. If you wait for too long, you will be forced to pull your hair to get rid of the knots that have built up.

This might make you hair to snap. If you swim in the beach it is advisable to comb your hair after swimming just to prevent it from being too tangled. Also you should enhance you combing technique because being too aggressive will only cause damage.

Generally there are days when your hair is good and there are bad hair days. However, when you have professional skills in handling your hair you will not be having those bad hair days even when you are travelling. The little sneaky-yet-genius tricks that have been discussed can really help you to maintain neat hair. For better professional tips, click on https://www.hairclippersclub.com/

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