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Once you buy a new cell phone, television, or computer, you can’t wait to toss the old one in the trash. Taking part in electronic waste recycling helps reduce the amount of electronic waste dumped into landfills. You also help the environment when you recycle old electronics.

Every year, the world creates more than 50 million tons of electronic waste. While you can’t recycle everything, you can do a lot to help Mother Earth.

Here’s your ultimate guide to electronic waste recycling.

Electronic Waste Recycling Starts With Finding a Drop-Off Point

If you are looking where to recycle electronics, you might want to start in your community. Many local governments sponsor days where you can discard old electronic waste. Some trash haulers make pick it up directly from you!

Depending on where you live, you may also have to take your electronic recycling to a center. While you may do the hauling yourself, you make sure your electronic waste ends up in the right spot. You can search online for more info.


Are you not sure what to do with your electronic waste recycling?

Many nonprofits and charities accept electronic waste. They refurbish and resell your old electronics. Profits from those sales then help their cause.

Whether it’s the military or a children’s charity, there are nonprofits for just about every cause. If you want to know where to recycle electronics, call your favorite charity and figure out how to donate.

One of the most significant benefits of donations is that they are tax-deductible! When you make your donation, be sure to ask for an itemized form that lists everything you donated. You can then write off those deductions on your tax return for the following year.

Tech Retailers

When you recycle old electronics, sometimes you don’t have to look further than purchasing your new electronics! Many retailers will take your old computers and televisions; some may even give you a discount on a new item to encourage recycling.

Many of the big-box retailers have such programs. Ask your favorite retailer about their policy and ask if ‘electronic recycling near me’ is an option.

Take Precautions

When you recycle electronic waste, you want to ensure your old electronics no longer contain important information. Be sure to delete anything on your electronic waste before sending it for electronic recycling.

Is your electronic waste connected to any online devices? Be sure to deactivate any accounts before you recycle old electronics.

A Guide to Electronic Waste Recycling

Getting rid of your electronic waste is easier than you think. Electronic waste recycling is as easy as finding a drop-off point, making a donation, or taking it to a retailer. It would help if you also took several precautions before you recycle old electronics.

Electronic waste recycling helps you de-clutter while helping the environment. Taking action makes sure only the necessary waste ends up in a landfill.

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